Clear Teaching Credential

Cal State LA Teacher Induction Program

The Cal State LA Induction Program offers an equity-focused, inquiry-based course of study and support that integrates school-site mentoring, university coursework, faculty guidance, and engagement with peers.  All induction coursework is online via a combination of asynchronous work on the Canvas learning management system and synchronous individual and class meetings on Zoom.  For more information about the program, please see the Induction Presentation and the Teacher Education Induction Program Handbook.

Teacher Induction in California
Individuals holding a preliminary general education (multiple or single subject) or education specialist teaching credential are required by Education Code §44259(c)(2) to complete a Commission-approved induction program to earn the Clear Teaching Credential. It is the responsibility of the new teacher to earn a clear teaching credential within a five-year period from the issuance of the preliminary teaching credential. 

Formerly known as BTSA (Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment), a teacher induction program is designed to provide an individualized, job-embedded system of mentoring, support, and professional learning. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What credentials does the Cal State LA Induction Program include?

The induction program at Cal State LA includes candidates with single subject credentials in all content areas, multiple subjects credentials, and education specialist credentials in early childhood education, mild-moderate, and moderate-severe. The diversity of credentials in the program allows candidates to share common teaching experiences as well as explore intersections across diverse teaching experiences.


How long will it take to complete the Cal State LA Induction Program?

The program for candidates in their first year of teaching is 2 years (4 semesters).  Candidates who can demonstrate 2 or more years of successful teaching experience qualify for the Early Completion Option (1 year program).


How much does the Cal State LA Induction Program cost?

If the candidate is exclusively pursuing a clear teaching credential, the program is 6 units per semester (part-time) at the credential program fee level.  However, many candidates in the Cal State LA induction program are simultaneously pursuing their Master's degree.  Those fees are based on the number of units taken at the Master's degree fee level.  For specific fee information, go to the Cal State LA Finance Service Centers Page and click on the semester and year you plan to enroll.