Respondus Recommendations

CSU Los Angeles Faculty Using Respondus

  1. It is important to note that you are not able to download the software directly from the Respondus website.
  2. You will not be able to use the password e-mailed to you after submitting the Respondus Installation Form to activate a copy previously downloaded from their site.
  3. Context-sensitive help is available throughout the Respondus program by pressing the F1 key. It is also available by selecting "Help" from the pull-down menu on the toolbar.
  4. Copies of the Respondus User Guides can be downloaded from
  5. If you have questions or problems using the Respondus software, you should first consult the online help or Moodle Personality Respondus User Guide. If you are still unable to resolve your problem, direct your questions to Flavio Argueta.
  6. Our license with Respondus, Inc. does NOT permit instructors to obtain support directly from Respondus, Inc.
  7. Our license DOES permit you to install a copy of the Respondus software on a home computer. However, please note that you are not permitted to provide the Respondus software or the password information to anyone who is not affiliated with our institution. Such an action is a violation of our licensing agreement with Respondus and is also illegal.