Reading and Writing in the Disciplines

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Reading and writing in the disciplines

Programming Overview

CETL’s Reading & Writing in the Disciplines program is founded on the belief that all faculty are disciplinary reading and writing instructors. Workshops and events introduce attendees to best instructional practices for reading and writing and are updated regularly to stay current with research findings and pedagogical demands.

Past programming has included Writing in the Disciplines (series), Social Reading for Better Understanding, Active Learning Online: Reading Apprenticeship (series), Faculty Book Club, and Showcase of Faculty Writing Assignments: Writing as Problem Solving.

Faculty eager to create meaningful writing assignments that get students thinking like disciplinarians should check out the Showcase of Faculty Writing Assignments: Writing as Problem Solving. This 2022 event invited faculty to submit the outstanding writing assignments they’ve created and is a great place to find inspiration for your own curriculum.

A Showcase of Faculty Writing Assignments:
Writing as Problem Solving

To check out the showcase:

  1. Self-enroll in the Showcase of Faculty Writing Canvas hub.
  2. Read the home page and then explore the modules. The first module introduces you to the concept of meaningful Writing Assignments. It also gives you some ideas on how to create your own. The final three modules categorize the submissions into three types:
    • Career relevant assignments
    • Assignments that connect with communities and build civic engagement
    • Assignments that help students set/achieve personal goals

Reading and writing as professional practices are also built into the Career-Engaged Departments program. We encourage faculty to see themselves as disciplinary experts in reading and writing, and to leverage this into meaningful student learning experiences.

Stay tuned for CETL announcements for upcoming workshops and events. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment with our Faculty Fellow for Reading and Writing or any of our e-learning specialists, email [email protected].

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