FLC Descriptions

  • Kristina Hackel
  • Xin Wen
  • Margaret Garcia
  • Kamran Afary
  • Kavari Subrahmanyam

Civic Learning (2012- 2013)

Community engagement is a third strategic initiative of the CSULA campus strategic plan but a difficult pedagogy to put into practice. This FLC investigates pedagogies of civic learning that help students to develop knowledge, skills, and values that are essential for civic identity, democratic participation, and political engagement Civic learning is beginning to be included in curricula in all disciplines. We know the pedagogy works but has few takers; this community is developing examples for faculty in related disciplines.

Members: Kristin Webster (Mathematics); Molly Talcott (Sociology); Melina Abdullah (Pan African Studies); Margaret Avila (Nursing); Kirsten Fisher (Biological Sciences); Beth Hoffman (Public Health); Kamran Afary (Communication Studies); Bridget Murnane (TVF); Ashish Vaidya (Provost)

Innovation in Graduate Programs (2012-2013)

This FLC envisions new models for graduate programs curriculum.

Members: Karin Elliott-Brown (GRS); Bidhan Roy (English); Edith Porter (Biol Sciences); Jessica Dennis (Psychology); Joseph Peterson (Crim); Kristiina Hackel (MFA TVF); Mauricio Castillo (Technology); Nicole Smolter (Crim/ Masters); Steve Classen (TVF); and Sunil Mangalassary (Nutritional Sciences); Karin Elliot-Brown (Graduate Studies)

Pathways to Promotion for Mid-career Faculty (2012)

This FLC functioned as a six-month writing institute encouraging faculty publication. The goal was to support mid-career faculty in establishing a stronger pathway to promotion. Topics included publishing, developing a strong professional achievement profile, growing as teachers, and engaging in university service.

Members: Victor Viesca (Liberal Studies); Kristiina Hackel (TVF); Jose Perez-Carballo (Information Systems); Lorie Judson (Nursing); Colleen Friend (Communication Disorders); Angela Vergara (History); Xin Wen (Chemistry and Biochemistry).

Inverting large-lecture GE courses(2012-2013)

This yearlong FLC, CETL's first, tackled the issue of engagement in large lecture, General Education classes. Large class sizes are a known barrier to student engagement, while big classes are negatively correlated with student ratings of teaching, most notably instructor effectiveness. Eight faculty members worked on projects in an attempt to meet better learning outcomes for the large lecture classes in which they taught. Participating faculty taught an average of 80 person General Education courses and designed projects that provided specific interventions for observed student. For many students, GE courses are requirements to be fulfilled, rather than occasions for learning.

Sample Faculty Projects:

Plant Biology 156
Child Development 140

Members: Dionne Espinoza (Chicano Studies); Melissa Broeckelman-Post (Communication Studies); Rakel Delevi (Child and Family Studies); Allison Fuligni (Child and Family Studies); Kaveri Subrahmanyam (Psychology); Kirsten Fisher (Biological Sciences); Tina Salmassi (Biological Sciences)