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  1. Assignments
    1. Creating an Assignment in Moodle
    2. Downloading All Student Submissions for a Moodle Assignment
    3. Grading an Assignment
    4. Using a Rubric
    5. Adding Additional Files
    6. Using Feedback Files
  2. Attendance
    1. How to Create an Attendance
    2. How to take Attendance
    3. How to add your class sessions in Attendance
    4. How to Navigate Attendance Activity
  3. Book
    1. How to Add a New Chapter
    2. How to Rename a Book
    3. Allow Students to Edit a Book
    4. How to Backup and Restore a Book
    5. How to Create a Book
    6. How to Edit a Chapter
    7. How to Print a Book
  4. Chats
    1. Creating Chat in Moodle
  5. Choices
    1. Why Should I Use Choice
    2. How to Create a Choice
  6. Course Basics
    1. Accessing Your Moodle Course
    2. Adding a Teaching Assistant or Graduate Assistant to your Moodle Course
    3. Adding Content to Your Moodle Course
    4. Making Your Course Visible
    5. Setting up Activity Completion Tracking for Students and Generating Reports
    6. Turning Editing On
    7. Understanding the Editing Tools
  7. Databases
    1. Why Use a Database
    2. How to Create a Database
    3. How to Create a Field
  8. Forums
    1. How to Create a Forum and Add Discussion Topics
    2. Grading Forums
    3. Forum Type
    4. Subscription Mode
    5. Why should I use Forums?
  9. Glossaries
    1. How to Create a Glossary
    2. How to Add an Entry to a Glossary
  10. Gradebook
    1. Creating Grade Items
    2. Disabling Grade Overrides
    3. Displaying Letter Grades
    4. Dropping the Lowest Score
    5. Enabling Extra Credit
    6. Exporting Moodle Gradebook to Excel
    7. Determining the Assignment and Category Weight Percentages
    8. Grade History
    9. Navigation
    10. Grouping Assignments in the Gradebook
    11. Entering Percentage Values into Gradebook
    12. Single View
  11. Groups
    1. Assigning an Activity to a Particular Grouping
    2. Creating a Forum Using Groups
    3. How to Create Groupings in Moodle
    4. Grading Groups
    5. Group Choice
    6. How to Create Groups in Moodle
    7. Messaging Specific Groups
    8. Why should I use Groups?
    9. Restrict Access Based on a Group or Grouping
  12. Importing Course Content
    1. Importing a Course
    2. Backup and Simple Restore
    3. How to Simple Restore
  13. Lessons
    1. Why Use Lessons?
    2. How to Create a Lesson
    3. How to Build a Lesson
    4. How to Add a Content Page
    5. How to Add a Question Page
  14. Moodle Setup
    1. Docking and Undocking Blocks
    2. Editing Your Profile
    3. Reading Messages Through Moodle
    4. Sending Messages Through Moodle
    5. Requesting a Metacourse in Moodle
    6. Requesting a Moodle Special Shell
    7. Enabling and Disabling Auto-link
    8. Customizing the "My Courses" Page
  15. Quizzes
    1. Why should I use a Quiz?
    2. How to Create a Quiz Shell
    3. Adding Questions to Quiz
    4. Shuffling your Quiz Questions
    5. Creating a Quiz User Override
    6. Managing Your Question Bank
    7. Printing Moodle Quizzes
    8. Reopening a Quiz
    9. Retrieving Quiz Statistics
    10. Updating Incorrect Questions and Regrading the Quiz
  16. Restructuring Course & Content
    1. Changing Section Headings to Topic or Weekly Format
    2. Displaying one section per page
    3. Adding Additional Sections
    4. Changing the name of a Section
    5. Delete Sections in the Course
    6. Moving Sections and Content in your course
    7. Restrict Access to Sections
    8. Adding, Moving, and Deleting Blocks
    9. Useful Blocks to Add to Your Course
  17. Turnitin Assignment
    1. Checking If Your Feedback Is Available to Students
    2. Creating a Turnitin Assignment for Drafts
    3. Creating a Turnitin Assignment in Moodle
    4. Downloading Turnitin Assignments in Bulk
    5. Resubmitting Assignments
    6. Setting the Feedback release date of a Turnitin Assignment
    7. Safari Cookies: Enable Turnitin
  18. Wikis
    1. Why Use a Wiki
    2. Wiki Navigation
    3. Commenting on a Wiki Page
    4. Creating Additional Wiki Pages
    5. Creating and Setting up a Wiki
    6. Deleting a Wiki Page
    7. Editing an Existing Wiki Page
    8. Managing Wiki Files
    9. Setting up Groups in a Wiki
  19. Questionnaire
    1. Why Should I Use a Questionnaire
    2. How to Create a Questionnaire
    3. Adding Questions to Questionnaire
    4. Viewing Questionnaire Reponses
    5. Adding Cnfirmation Text/URL
    6. Exporting Questionnaire Responses
    7. Adding Parent/Child Questions
    8. Viewing Individual Responses
    9. Emailing Non-Respondents
  20. Youtube
  21. REEF/iClicker
  22. Accessible Instructional Materials
    1. Microsoft Office
    2. Content in Moodle
    3. PDFs
    4. Audio and Video
  23. Adobe Connect
    1. Adobe Connect FAQs
  24. Camtasia
  25. Respondus
  26. Turnitin
    1. Student FAQ