Moodle Quiz Building

Creating Moodle quizzes has become easier with the use of Respondus Quiz Builder.  Respondus is a Windows-only application. Exams can be created offline using a familiar Windows environment, and then printed or published to Moodle. The process is fairly simple; download and install the software, format your quiz file accordingly, and finally publish your quiz to Moodle for student access.

For a product description and complete list of features as well as information on the Respondus Test Bank Network (a free service that allows instructors to download publishers' test banks), visit

Downloading and Installing Respondus

The California State University System has obtained a consortium license for the Respondus software, which enables CSULA faculty to download and use the software for free at home and on-campus.

To begin, please read the license arrangements and complete the Respondus Installation Information Form. We will email to you the information necessary to download and install Respondus on your computer. A Respondus User Guide (PDF) is available for reference.

Format Quiz Document

Please download and use one of the templates below to correctly format your quiz file. Once the quiz file has been formatted properly it can be imported to Respondus Quiz Builder to have the quiz published to Moodle.

Publish Quiz using Respondus

You are encourage to attend a Moodle Quiz Building workshop to learn how to use Respondus to publish your quiz to Moodle.  The one hour workshop will walk you through the process of importing your quiz file to Respondus, selecting quiz taking settings (availability, length, attempts, review, etc.), and publishing to Moodle.  Advance instructions on using a question bank to randomly seletect questions to a quiz will be discussed, along with other strategies.

Contact Moodle Support at 323.343.6594 or [email protected] if you require additional assistance.