Importing Course Content

NOTICE: Beginning Summer 2019, all courses will be offered exclusively on Canvas. Only Moodle archives will be available after Spring 2019. 

Note: Moodle courses from winter 2016 to fall 2018 have been restored to Canvas. They can be access in Canvas through the All Courses link after clicking on the Courses global navigation icon. These courses have [RESTORE] as part of the course title and are located under the Past Enrollments section.


One of the best things about using Moodle is that previous courses can be reused.  This will save you time and energy.  Setting up your future course has never been this easy.

This section will provide instructions on how to copy content between Moodle courses.

Importing a Course

In Moodle, faculty are able to Import content between courses within the current version of Moodle (Moodle 3.4). To transfer content from a course that was set up in a previous version of Moodle, use the Simple Restore process.

Follow the instructions below to Import content from a past course (within the same version of Moodle):

  1. Log in to Moodle. 
  2. Enter the course where you would like to deposit the content.
  3. Click on the Gear menu on the top right of your course.
  4. Click Import, located in the dropdown menu.
  5. Select the course from which you would like to Import the information from the list of available courses.
    • You may use the Search field beneath the course list to find your course.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. The checkboxes that are selected by default will import all the material in your previous course. If you want to only select part of the course click the check boxes to select or deselect the types of materials to import.
  8. Click Next.
    • Note: If you are familiar with the import process click on the Jump to final step link to bypass the Settings and Review sections.
  9. Review your Import materials.
  10. Click Perform import.

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Simple Restore process to copy content

Backup files of your Moodle courses for all previous versions have been created and made available to you.  You can access and copy content from these files to future courses by performing a simple restore process.  This process is recommended before doing a complete backup and restore.

Please follow the link below for instructions on the simple restore process:

Simple Restore.pdf

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How to Backup and Simple Restore

Backup and Simple Restore instructions have been created to assist you with copying content from courses not listed under Simple Restore.  Courses that may not be found in Simple Restore include metacourses, Moodle Special Shells, and course that you may need, but are not listed in your Simple Restore course list.  Please follow the instructions in the link below, and feel free to contact Moodle Support if you need addtional assistance with this process.

Backup and Simple Restore.pdf

Downloading a Course Archive

Moodle updates each summer term, bringing new features and improved reliability. The Unversity maintains the two previous versions of Moodle (archives) allowing instructors to retrieve and migrate their courses to the latest version. 

To accomodate new course content and maintain the integrity of the automatic course backup system, courses older than the last two previous versions of Moodle should be downloaded and saved by instructors.

Instructors should follow the instructions for Backup and Simple Restore to migrate their archived courses. 

Alternatively, download individual files housed in old courses instead of creating an entire course backup file. 

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