i>clicker 7.4

Getting Started

Download the i>clicker Instructor Guide
Download the i>clicker Quick Start Guide

i>clicker Guides and Software

If you are using i>clickers for your class and would like to sync the polling data from the iClicker software to your Moodle Gradebook, follow the directions in the Integrate Moodle 2 Instructor Guide.  The iClicker v7.4. integration files are available below if you have not added them to your iClicker software.  A full Mac/PC package is also available if you are using iClicker software for the first time.

Moodle Instruction Guide:

Moodle Instruction Guide for iClicker

If you have the i>clicker v7.4 software:

Download and install the appropriate integration file below to your i>clicker "Resource" folder.

Download the Windows i>clicker Moodle Integration File

Download the Mac i>clicker Moodle Integration File

If you do not have the i>clicker v7.4 software:

Windows Full Package (with Integration files in resource folder)

Mac Full Package (with Integration files in resource folder)

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i>clicker Pedagogy

Clicker use is intended to support the following goals:

  • promote conceptual application of and critical thinking about course material during class
  • increase student engagement with course material and the learning process
  • foster small and large group discussions, with an eye for identifying and explaining the diversity of views that exist within the learning community
  • increase verbal and non-verbal participation
  • encourage attendance, and hold students accountable for completing reading and written assignments in a timely manner
  • facilitate formative assessment of student learning beneficial to both the professor and the learning community
  • foster a safe and productive learning community, where students learn to trust one another in class discussions
  • provide students with immediate feedback on their comprehension of material
  • provide instructors with important and immediate feedback as to how effectively the subject matter has been presented
  • offer variation to keep and refocus a student's€™ attention throughout a long lecture

i>clicker Syllabus Template

This syllabus template contains all of the information that you should communicate to your students when adopting i>clicker. Whether you choose to use this template or write your own, we highly recommend including the following information:

  • If you'll be using i>clicker to keep track of attendance, and what level of attendance is expected.
  • What percentage of the final grade clicker points will account for.
  • A policy for students who forget their clickers; to cut back on classroom management issues, we recommend dropping a few of the lowest scores and not accepting written responses.
  • Which models you will allow.
  • Explicitly stating whether or not you'll allow students to use the mobile application, i>clicker GO. 
  • How students should register and a deadline for doing so
  • Explicitly stating that bringing a fellow student's clicker to class in cheating.

More information can be found here:

Case Studies from i>clicker.com

Student Response Systems (SRS) Research from Missouri State University

Clicker Bibliography from Vanderbilt University

Student Response System (SRS) Best Practices from University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

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Peer Instruction & Clickers

Are you interested in incorporating clickers in your classroom? This workshop will discuss how to incorporate peer instruction with clickers to engage your students and get them interacting with each other and your content. 

Please visit our Workshops & Calendar page for more information.

How do I request an iClicker set?

CETL provides both instructor and class sets that you can borrow. Please print this form and return to the CETL lab at FA138.

Click here to download form


Need help with iClickers? Please contact us:


Fine Arts 138

(323) 343 - 6594; [email protected]

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