Limited License Notice: The CSU Chancellor's Office has funded GoReact licenses system-wide through July 31, 2022. Faculty who adopt GoReact during the 2021-2022 academic year acknowledge that GoReact may not be available after August 1, 2022.

What is GoReact?

GoReact is an online video recording tool designed to provide feedback for public speaking/speech, presentations, sign language/interpreter training, student teaching observation, and music/dance/theatrical performances--anything where a student must demonstrate via video a skill or action. You can set access settings as to who can see the videos, create comments, or see comments.

What is the difference between GoReact and Canvas Studio?

Although both tools use video, GoReact offers additional options for video submissions and adding comments to a video (markers). In GoReact, instructors can offer feedback via both video and audio. GoReact also features a unique tool to record a response to a roleplay scenario.

How can I use GoReact in my courses(s)?

Below are three examples. Explore how you can use this new tool to bring students together.

Example 1: Student Presentation for Instructor feedback

A student can record a presentation through GoReact. Later, the instructor can grade and provide feedback on the recording. The instructor can comment using time-stamped text, video, and audio comments, as well as use a rubric and markers. 

Interaction Type: Learner-to-Instructor

Example 2: Student Response to a Roleplay Scenario

An instructor can post a video to function as a prompt or scenario. Students watch and simultaneously record their response to the video. Later, the instructor can grade and provide feedback on the recording. The instructor can comment using time-stamped text, video, and audio comments, as well as use a rubric and markers.

Interaction Type: Learner-to-Content and Learner-to-Instructor

Example 3: Student Live Presentation While Others Comment

A student can use GoReact to deliver a live presentation. GoReact will livestream the session to others in the course. The instructor and the other students can watch and leave live comments. Any students who could not attend the live presentation can still watch a recording, leaving feedback for their classmate. 

Interaction Type: Learner-to-Learner and Learn-to-Instructor.

What are the minimum system requirements to use GoReact?

For the best experience, students and instructors should have broadband internet, an up-to-date web browser, and a video recording device (webcam or smartphone).

For more information, refer to the following GoReact Support pages:

How do I add GoReact to my Canvas course shell?

GoReact is an external tool that adds additional functionality to your course. Before creating GoReact assignments, add GoReact as an external tool.

  1. From your Canvas Course, select "Settings" and then "Apps."
  2. Select or search for GoReact. (Can't find it? Click here to learn how to add GoReact manually.)
    Canvas external apps tab
  3. Click "Add App"
    GoReact Add App Button
  4. In the dialog that opens, enter your email in the "Consumer Key" field, goreact (lowercase) in the "Shared Secret" field, then click "Add App."
    Add App Configuration
  5. Now you are ready to Create GoReact assignments in Canvas.

For additional information and to watch a short video of this procedure, visit the GoReact Support page Adding the GoReact app to Canvas.

How do I create a GoReact Assignment in my Canvas course?

In order for students to receive a score in the Canvas Gradebook for completing a GoReact assignment, adjust the Canvas Assignment Submission Type to use GoReact.

Be sure to add the GoReact tool to your Canvas course shell before creating assignments.

  1. In Canvas, Create an Assignment.
  2. Enter an Assignment Name, Points, and any other desired settings.​
  3. Change the "Submission Type" to "External Tool".
    Setting Submission Type to External Tool
  4. In the "Enter or find an External Tool URL" field, click "Find."  Select GoReact and then click "Select."
    External Tool Configuration
  5. Check the box for "Load This Tool In A New Tab."
    Please Note: For the best overall experience, we highly recommend loading the GoReact tool in a new tab.
  6. Finish the assignment setup, then choose "Save" or "Save and Publish." 
  7. Open your new assignment in Canvas by clicking the button to load assignment in a new window:
    Load GoReact assignment button
  8. Select the GoReact assignment type you wish to use for this assignment (or copy a previously created assignment).
    creating or copying an assignment
  9. Select the additional assignment settings as needed. When you're finished, click "Done" and you're all set! For more on GoReact assignments see our other documentation on Assignments.
    Additional assignment settings

For additional information and to watch a short video of this procedure, visit the GoReact Support page Creating GoReact assignments in Canvas.

What is a Marker Set?

A Marker Set is a set of labels (Markers) you create for quick instructor or student responses to a video along with comments.

Markers make giving feedback quick and easy and are time stamped into the video within the comment stream.

You create or apply a Marker Set in the GoReact Assignment itself. Access the GoReact Assignment, access the kebab or three-dots options menu, and select “Edit Assignment.” Then you can click “+Marker Set” and then “+New Market Set.”

A guide for more on Creating a Marker Set and Using a Marker Set

How do I make changes to the GoReact assignment once it has been created?

As a GoReact Assignment is an external tool to a regular Canvas Assignment, you can use Canvas functionality for a due date, availability dates, and points.

To edit GoReact-specific features, you click the three-dot options menu, known as the kebab, and select “Edit Assignment.”

You can then edit the following features of the GoReact assignment:

  • Assignment Type
  • Content Privacy 
  • Marker Set
  • Student Rubric
  • Instructor Attachment
  • Feedback Instructions​

Editing GoReact assignment

What are the differences between the GoReact Assignment Types?

There are three GoReact Assignment types: Standard, Stimulus, and Comment Only.

  • Standard - Students record their own videos with options for multiple cameras, live feedback
  • Stimulus - Instructors provide a pre-recorded prompt; students watch this prompt and record their video response at the same time
  • Comment only - Instructors provide a pre-recorded video; students analyze this video via time-stamped comments, markers, and rubrics
Assignment types

Assignment Type

A student uploads video to begin

Students respond with a Video 

Time Stamped 

Live Option

Use Cases

Unique use






Live sales pitches with live comments from multiple participants at once; Live music performances with live non-verbal feedback

Unique live pairing of live video with live comments






Sign Language Interpretation of a pre-recorded video; Student performs a mock interview as if responding to the video in real-time

Unique pairing of a pre-recorded video and the student response on one timeline

Comment Only





Text-based response to a pre-recorded lecture 

Canvas Studio has similar capability

What are the differences between the GoReact Recording & Feedback Privacy types?

You can limit who can view the recordings and provide feedback with “Content Privacy” settings. “Private” is most restrictive while “Open Peer Review” is most open.

  • Private - Only Instructors and a presenter (student) can access and provide feedback
  • Closed peer review - Peers cannot see any comments on a peer’s or instructor’s video
  • Open peer review - Peers can see comments from other peers
Content Privacy

Content Privacy


Feedback (Comments)


Recording visible to only Presenter (student) and instructors

Recordings visible to Presenter, other students (peers), and Instructors

Only Presenter and Instructors can access and provide feedback

Other Students (peers) can provide feedback (comments)

Other students (peers), the Presenter (student), and instructors can access and provide all feedback (comments)







Close Peer Review






Open Peer Review






How can I add a Rubric to guide Peer Review?

You can add a rubric based in GoReact to help students provide feedback. 

To add a student rubric to an assignment, simply click "+Student Rubric" in the assignment settings panel.

For more information on Rubrics in GoReact, access the GoReact Creating a Rubric page.

How do I get my students ready to use GoReact?

When you create GoReact content in Canvas, you don't need to invite your students to register separately for GoReact.  All they will need to do is open a GoReact assignment in Canvas to complete the activity. Canvas and GoReact will work together to create an account for the student. 

Include the following links to student support pages when providing assignment instructions. 

More useful links