Fixing Image Accessibility

How do I use Ally to fix image accessibility issues?

When Ally is activated in your course, you will notice an accessibility dial show up next to uploaded images wherever they exist in your course. The main issue that Ally will flag for images in particular is missing alternative text. To use Ally to add missing alternative text to an image:

  1. Click on the dial next to the image.
    • An Ally pop up will appear, showing the image on one side, and a panel for accessibility issues on the other side.
      Ally accessibility pop up screen for an image
  2. Check and see whether your image is missing alternative text on the right. You can click on "What this means" to learn more about image descriptions, or follow some guidance on writing good alternative text by clicking on "How to write a good description".
    The what this means button and how to write a good description button
  3. If your image is missing a description, or its current description is inadequate, fix it by typing in a corrected description into the text box, then clicking "Add".
    • If your image is intended for decoration only and doesn't need a description, click on the "Indicate image is decorative" button.
      Indicate image is decorative button