Fixing File Accessibility

How do I use Ally to fix file accessibility issues?

When Ally is activated in your course, you will notice an accessibility dial show up next to upload files wherever they exist in your course. To use Ally to try and fix accessibility issues for a file:

  1. Click on the dial next to the file.
    • An Ally pop up will appear, showing the file on one side, and a panel for accessibility issues on the other side. There are also buttons at the top to help you navigate the file or the accessibility issue being considered.
      Ally accessibility pop up screen for a file
  2. Examine the accessibility issue shown on the right. You can click on the "What this means" button to get more information on what the issue is, or click on "How to fix..." button to get more information on how to fix the issue.
    What this means button and how to fix button
  3. Fix the issue.
  4. You can also check to see if there are other accessibility issues with the file. You can click on the "All issues" button on the Ally accessibility panel to see what other issues exist for the file, then click on other given accessibility issues.
    All issues button
    • Then, you can repeat steps 2 and 3 for the next accessibility issue in question.
  5. Once you've addressed the accessibility issues, you can upload the corrected file at the bottom right of the screen, by either clicking Browse or dragging the corrected file in.
    Drag and drop upload area with browse button

Typically for files, you will most often have to fix issues for Word documents and PowerPoints. PDF issues are a bit more difficult to fix. If Ally is detecting issues with a PDF that you created from an original Word document or PowerPoint, try correcting the issues in the original file and uploaded their corrected versions instead.