Assignment FAQ

Grading an Assignment

Although you can manually edit grades in the Grader report, when grading an Assignment activity, we recommend grading from the Submissions page. If you grade an assignment in the Grader report, a glitch with Moodle might occur where your assignments will lock in the gradebook.


You can grade multiple students at once directly in the Submissions table (with Quick grading enabled), or open each submission on its own Grading page

Follow the instructions below to enter grades and feedback for multiple students at once:

  1. Find the assignment.
  2. Click on the Assignment’s name to open it.

You will see the Grading report for the assignment which will tell you students have submitted work, how many submissions need grading, the due date, and time remaining to submit.

  1. Click View/grade all submissions.

The Submissions page will open displaying the Submissions table, with a row for each student, and columns determined by the settings for the assignment.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  2. Find the section titled Options.
  3. Check the box next to Quick Grading.

NOTE: Once you select the Quick grading option, Moodle will remember the setting the next time you open this Submission screen.

  1. For each student's submission, the columns in the table provide information or let you perform an activity.
  • Select: To lock, unlock, or revert submissions to draft status, select the checkbox for a student, then, below the table, use the With selected drop-down menu.
  • User picture: If the student has uploaded a profile picture it will show here, otherwise you see a generic silhouette.
  • First Name / Last Name: Click First name or Last name to sort the list alphabetically
  • Status: The Status column displays whether a submission has been made, is a draft, is late, has been graded, etc..
  • Grade: In the Grade column: This is where you will enter the grades for all of the students. Since you clicked on Quick grading, a box should have appeared for each student in the grading column. You can now go down the list and enter a numerical grade for each student.
  1. Click Save all quick grading changes.

If there is more than one page of students, below the table, you'll see links with page numbers, next and previous.

  1. Click Save all quick grading changes.
  2. Click a page link to move to a different page of students.

Follow the instructions below to enter grades and feedback for one student at a time:

You can view each student's submission, and enter grades and feedback on a separate page. Use this method if you are grading online text submissions, grading with Rubrics or Marking Forms, or if there is more than one instructor or TA grading the assignment.

  1. Find the Assignment
  2. Click on the name of the assignment

You will see the Grading report for the assignment which will tell you students have submitted work, how many submissions need grading, the due date, and time remaining to submit.

  1. Click View/grade all submissions.
  2. Find the student you wish to grade.
  3. Find the Grade column on the right hand side.
  4. Click the pencil icon, located within the Grade column.

  A new page will open where you can see the details of the Submission status.

  1. On the Grading page for each student, depending on the settings for the Assignment activity, you will be able to view online text, download files, enter and reply to Submission comments, enter Feedback comments, and grade the submission.
  2. Click on Save Changes.
Downloading All Student Submissions for a Moodle Assignment

While you can view student’s submissions individually, you can also download all submissions as a zip file. This is helpful if you would like to grade in a separate window or print the papers.

Follow the instructions below to download all student submissions:

  1. While in your Moodle course, click the Assignment title.
  2. Click View/grade all submissions.
  3. Find the Grading action drop-down menu at the top left side of the screen.
  4. Choose Download all submissions.
  5. According to your browser's settings, the submissions will either automatically download, or you will be prompted to save.

Submissions will download to your computer as a zip archive.


Using a Rubric

Rubrics are a tool faculty can use to outline their grading criteria for a given assignment. It provides a structure to the assignment grading process and allows students to see what kind of assignment they are expected to produce. Using a Rubric is a three part process. The assignment needs to have the rubric option enabled, the rubric then needs to be created or uploaded, and then you grade with the rubric.

Rubrics are created as part of an Assignment, and the maximum points outlined in the Rubric is equivalent to the maximum points a student can receive for the assignment.

Follow the instructions below to enable a Rubric within an Assignment:

  1. Go to an Assignment's settings by either creating a new Assignment or clicking Edit > Edit settings next to an Assignments's name.
  2. Find the Grade Section.
  3. Find the Grading Method drop-down menu.
  4. Select Rubric.
  5. Scroll to bottom of the page.
  6. Click Save and display.

Follow the instructions below to format the Rubric:

  1. Find the Administration block on the left-hand side
  2. Click Assignment Administration
  3. Click on Advanced Grading
  4. There are two options to choose: “Define new grading form from scratch” and “Create new grading form from a template.”
  5. Provide a Name and Description for your Rubric
  6. Format your Rubric! Edit criteria by clicking on the box that you would like to change. Add more criteria by clicking Add criterion. Add levels to criteria by clicking Add level.

NOTE: For help with designing rubrics, visit

  1. Under Rubric Options, choose other settings you would like to apply to your Rubric.
  2. Click Save rubric and make it ready.

Follow the instructions below to grade with a Rubric:

  1. Enter your assignment.
  2. Click on View/grade all submissions.
  3. Select a submission.
  4. Click on the Grade button in their row (a small pencil in a box).
  5. You will see the Rubric on the Submission status page.
  6. Click the levels that you think best reflect the student’s performance on the assignment.
  7. Save Changes.