Course Redesign

What is course redesign?

Course redesign is the process of redesigning an entire course to achieve better learning outcomes and lower costs by taking advantage of the capabilities of technology.

Course redesign is not just about putting courses online. It is about rethinking the way we deliver instruction, especially large-enrollment core courses, in light of the possibilities that new technology offers. Anyone interested in improving student results is encouraged to use these resources and connect with colleagues.

Why undertake a redesign?

Most departments begin the process of course redesign for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Improving student retention and pass rates
  • Reducing cost-per-students expenses
  • Maintaining positive student attitudes

The following are five Principles of Successful Course Redesign, as identified by the National Center for Academic Transformation:

  1. Redesign the whole course
  2. Encourage active learning
  3. Provide students with individualized assistance
  4. Build in ongoing assessment and prompt (automated) feedback
  5. Ensure sufficient time on task and monitor student progress

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