Copyright and Fair Use

The links below, from various sources, have been provided as online resources to assist you in understanding copyright in Higher Education. The presentations summarize copyright as it pertains to Fair Use, the Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization Act (TEACH), and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). You will also find a very useful online interactive guide, which we have been authorize to use.

The purpose of this page is to provide you with online resources that can help you understand copyright as it pertains to education. For more in-depth information please contact the University Counsel.

Interactive Guide

Interactive Guide to Using Copyrighted Media in Your Courses - Baruch College

We highly recommend faculty start with this well-done interactive guide. The guide asks a series of guided questions about specific use cases and presents recommendations about compliance with copyright.

General Resources

Copyrights Crash Course - University of Texas System

Copyright and Fair Use Center at Stanford University Library

"Tales from the Public Domain: BOUND BY LAW?"
Here is a description of this graphic novel from the Duke Center for the Study of the Public Domain:"Follow its heroine Akiko as she films her documentary, and navigates the twists and turns of intellectual property. Why do we have copyrights? What’s “fair use”? Bound By Law reaches beyond documentary film to provide a commentary on the most pressing issues facing law, art, property and an increasingly digital world of remixed culture."

The YouTube Copyright Center includes:

  • Copyright Education providing a definition of copyright, how to use copyrighted material, and more.
  • YouTube Copyright School: This cartoon helps explain to YouTube abusers the types and consequences of copyright violation.