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MORE Student OPPORTUNITIES-Summer Internships, Scholarhips, Graduate School, and Fellowhips.

 Advisement Information - You can find program advisor hours, contact information, and advisement forms.

Professional Meeting Site- On this page you can find upcoming meetings, travel request forms, and travel deadlines.

 Student Advisory Committee- Want to meet the students who are your reps? Check out who is representing your program component. Email them or send them questions.

Writing Support Office- Need help proofreading your statement of purpose? Having trouble with your grammar. Check for office hours or email directly.

Tutoring- Tutoring information, hours, subjects tutored, and contact information.

TECH SUPPORT- Need a poster printed for a presentation?

Program Calendar- Need to know what's going on? Check out upcoming events, seminars, workshops, and other program functions.

 Summer Workshops- Sign up for summer workshops and check to see what you've signed up for. Remember you will need a your NIS account submitted to our office in order to register for workshops. Send your NIS acccount to [email protected]

MORE Programs Photo Gallery- Find your picture at a seminar, workshop, or maybe a candid shot. You're welcomed to browse the image gallery.

Other Resources- You can find articles on etiquette, grad school, confidence and salary/wages. Articles vary from LA Times to different journals, magazines and newspapers. Do you have a useful article that can help out other students? Send it



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