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The Roger Wagner International Choral-Composition Contest and the Roger Wagner Contemporary Choral Series are made possible through a generous grant from The Wenger Foundation.

Roger Wagner Center for Choral Studies
Winning Compositions, Honorable Mentions

l989 Winner:
Joseph Ott
Lux Aeterna
Performed in Costa Rica by CSULA, l989

l990 Winner:
Sean MacLean
Pange Lingua
Performed by CSULA, l991 Published by Thomas House

l990 Honorable Mention:
Marshall Bialosky
The Heart in the Jar

David A. Yeagley

Julia Simon
Illuminations for the Canonical Hours

Ann Kearns
Sorrow's Springs: Three Hopkins Poems
Published by Thomas House Performed by CSULA, l991
Latin Tryptych

l991 Winner: None Awarded

1991 Honorable Mentions:

Don Robinson

Roger C. Vogel
Cats and Bats and Things with Wings
Performed by CSULA, l992
Published by Thomas House

l992 Winner:
William Averitt
Afro-American Fragments
Published by EC Schirmer
Performed by CSULA under Direction of William Averitt, l993

l992 Honorable Mentions:
Robert Newell

Gerald M. Shapiro
Prayer for the Great Family
Performed by CSULA, l993; Composer in attendance

l993 Winner:
Carol Barnett
Cinco Poemas de Becquer
Published/Licensed by Thomas House, l994

l993 Honorable Mentions:
Karen P. Thomas
Three Medieval Lyrics

Eugenio Manuel Rodrigues
Performed by CSULB, l994

l994 Winner:
Hubert Bird
Performed by UCLA, l994
Published by Lawson-Gould, l995

l994 Honorable Mentions:
Anne LeBaron
Story of My Angel

Sean MacLean
Evening Collect
Published by Thomas House, l995

l995 Winner:
William Albright
Dona Nobis Pacem

l995 Honorable Mentions:
Francesco Accolla
Psalm 33

Carol Barnett
Valediction for Men's Chorus

Derek Bermel
West African Folk Songs

Andrew McBirnie

Augusta Read Thomas
Midsummer Blaze for Men's chorus

Mary Jeanne van Appledorn
Les Hommes Vides

l996 Winner
Jerrell Lambert
Since on a Quiet Night

l996 Honorable Mention
Andrew Rindfleisch
Lady Evergreen Song

l997 Winner
Bryan Johanson
O Magnum Mysterium
Published by Thomas House

l997 Honorable Mention
Janet Maguire
Per Aqua

Eric Stokes
Wondrous World

l998 Winner
Wayland Rogers
What Sweeter Music Can We Bring
Published by Thomas House

1999 Winner
N. Lincoln Hanks
Tota Pulchra (1998)

2000 Winner
Scott Robinson
The Stolen Child

2000 Honorable Mentions
Dénes Legdnÿ
Hymn to St. Martin

Scott Robbins
Sliver Moon

2001 Winner
Stefan Weisman
Light, light, light. light. light

2002 No Award

2003 Winner for Treble Voices
Jonathan Bailey
Holland Visit to St. Elizabeth (SSA unaccompanied w/ soprano solo)

2003 Honorable Mentions for Treble Voices
Richard (Dick) Thompson
Spinning Jenny (SA w/ piano)
Published by Gentry

Robert Greenlee
Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier (SSA unaccompanied)
Published by Gentry

2003 Winner for SATB
Graham Gordon Ramsay
Three Psalms, I. Psalm 121: Levavi Oculos (SATB w/ violin)
Published by Gentry

2003 Honorable Mention for SATB
Doug McConnell
Look to This Day (SATB unaccompanied)
Published by Gentry

2004 No Winner

2005 Winner for Treble Voices
Guy Forbes
Ave Maria (SSAA Unaccompanied)

2006-2007 Winner for SATB Voices
Philip Spencer Tune Thy Music To Thy Heart (w/ piano)

2006-2007 Winner for SSAA Voices
Karen P. Thomas
Lux Lucis (Unaccompanied on text by Hildegard von Bingen)

2006-2007 Honorable Mentions for SATB Voices
Meredith M. Brammeier
Hymn for the Nativity (Unaccompanied)

Nicholas Mroczek
The Night has a Thousand Eyes (Unaccompanied)

2008 Winner for SATB Voices
Jess Langston Turner
All This Night (Piano)

2008 Winner for SSAA Voices
Jenni Brandon
Vive la Liberté (Two-Part Treble Chorus, flute, percussion and piano)

2008 Honorable Mention
Kentaro Sato
Ave Maria (Unaccompanied)