Roger Wagner Center Publications

All titles with catalogue numbers are published by Gentry Publications and distributed by Hal Leonard. These may be obtained through any music retailer. The licensed works are available directly from the Roger Wagner Center.


Belan, William ed. "Choral Essays: A Tribute to Roger Wagner."

San Carlos, CA: Thomas House Publications, l993.

ISBN#: 93-60868

JG0720 Belan, William. “A Handbook for the Performance of English Madrigals.”

Tarzana, CA: Gentry Publications, 2007.

Roger Wagner Contemporary Choral Series

William Belan, General Editor

(License Only) Carol Barnett Cinco Poemas de Becquer (guitar,

JG2338 Raymond Egan Epiphany Hymn

JG2337 Raymond Egan Epiphany Collect

JG2339 Raymond Egan i thank You God (SATB, piano)

1CO990095 Raymond Egan Invocation at Headwaters (SATB,?piano)

1CO990291 Raymond Egan The Inescapable Conclusion (SATB, piano)

JG2331 Robert Greenley Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier

1C0999892 Bryan Johanson O Magnum Mysterium (unaccomp)

Ann Kearns Sorrow's Springs: Three Hopkins Poems
1C0999293 1. Spring and Fall: to a young child
1C0999294 2. Binsey Poplars: felled 1879
1C0999295 3. No Worst, There Is None

1C0999891 Sean MacLean Collect (organ)
1C0999191 Sean MacLean Pange Lingua (unaccomp)

Douglass McConnell Look to this day

Graham Gordon Ramsey Psalm 121: Levavi oculos

Kirstina Rasmussen songs of the heart (e.e. cummings)
1C0999992 1. i carry your heart
1C0990091 2. "little man" (TTBB w/ piano)
JG2316 3. in time of daffodils (SSA w/ piano)
1C0990191 Morning (unaccompanied)
Kirstina Rasmussen these children (SATB w/piano)

1CO990292 Scott Robinson With a faery lamp in hand (SATB, string trio)

1C0999991 Wayland Rogers What Sweeter Music (unaccomp)

Andrew Rose If I Can Keep One Heart From Breaking

(unacompanied) Andrew Rose Requiem (for Jill)
1C0990092 "To You" (Walt Whitman)
1C0990093 "Lux Aeterna"
1C0990094 "Death Is Nothing At All (Henry Scott Holland)

JG2318 Jim Scott Gather The Spirit Jim Scott Go Your Way in Peace (SATB, piano) JG2317 Jim Scott The Oneness of Everything (SATB, piano)

1C0999192 Marilyn Shrude I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud?(unaccomp)

JG2332 Richard Thompson Spinning Jenny (SA, piano)

Roger Vogel Cats and Bats and Things With Wings
1C0999291 1. The Cat (SATB, pno)
1C0999292 2. The Frog (SATB,pno)
1C0999391 3. The Owl (SSAA, pno)
1C0999392 4. The Crab (TTBB, pno)
1C0999691 5. The Grasshopper (SATB, pno)
1C0999692 6. The Bat (SATB, pno)