Chad Lue

Stacey Sharpe

Chad Lue is a Lead Economist for the US Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service. He oversees a team of Economists and Tax Law Specialists in evaluating transfer pricing and economic valuation issues critical to the IRS’ Large Business and International Division. After spending over a decade working in management and tax administration as a civil servant, Chad understands that his ability to leave a positive impact on the people he serves directly relies on how well he communicates his vast knowledge back to them. In fact, he shares his knowledge and experience by teaching Economics part-time at Pasadena City College.

His passion, and according to him, his success, can be traced back to his education from the College of Business and Economics (CBE) at Cal State LA. Here, he majored in Business Economics as an undergraduate student and studied Financial Economics as a graduate student.

“My education provided me the foundation to launch my career as an economist and years later as a management official and leader of a business unit within the IRS. In addition to my successful career at the IRS, I also hold several financial stakes in privately held companies and investments,” Chad explains. But above all else, he adds, “The most important thing I learned at the CBE is the problem-solving skill. The ability to solve problems through school projects later helped me design economic models as an economist and deliver practical business solutions to meet the needs of hundreds of clients I serve.”

Chad is a firm believer that “the ability to problem-solve will translate into a valuable skill set in all aspects of business,” which is one of the biggest keys to success in the CBE and work life after.

“I advise students not to take assignments and projects for granted,” Chad states. “Even if the subject may appear to be irrelevant to your career goal, every project assigned is an opportunity to hone your problem-solving skill.”