Bridge and Gap Courses Instructions

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Bridge and Gap Courses

“Q2S Transition” students will experience the transition from quarters to semesters by taking some of their courses under the quarter system and the remainder under the semester system.  These students should:

  • speak with an academic advisor to develop a degree completion plan through the IAP process;
  • avoid straddling course sequences across quarters and semesters by:
  • Finishing quarter course sequences before Fall 2016; or
  • Starting semester course sequences in Fall 2016.

However, if a transition student’s “course sequence” straddles across quarters and semesters, departments have created and are scheduling “bridge” and “gap” courses when necessary that will facilitate a student’s movement through course sequences in biology, chemistry, mathematics, microbiology, and physics.

  • A “bridge” course links a student to the next required course in a sequence.
  • A “gap” course completes a sequence for a student.

How to use the Bridge and Gap Course Curriculum and Schedule:

Step 1:  From Column 1, identify the row in which appears the course sequence that you didn’t finish in quarters and the number of quarters of that sequence you have already passed.

Step 2:   Read across that row to Column 2 and identify the bridge or gap course, or the regular quarter course, that you need to take to either “bridge” to the next required course in the sequence or to fill the remaining “gap” in the sequence.

Step 3:  If you register for that “bridge” or “gap” course in Spring or Summer 2016, the appropriate course either is a regular quarter course or it has a “qb” or a “qg” suffix.  If you register for that “bridge” or “gap” course in Fall 2016, Spring 2017, or Summer 2017, then the appropriate course has an “sb” or an “sg” suffix.

Step 4:  Still reading across the same row to Column 3 you will find listed the semester courses whose content you will have then fulfilled.

Step 5:  Continuing across the same row to Column 4 you will find listed the quarter or semester term that the bridge and gap courses will be offered.

Step 6:  Register for the appropriate course(s).

NOTE:  These “bridge” and “gap” courses will only be scheduled through Summer 2017.