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The CFS or Common Financial System page contains CFS system news and instructional guides for the campus financial applications along with a Frequently Asked Questions section.


CFS Fluid Interface 9.2 Go Live 4/27/2020

The Chancellor's Office implemented the new CFS Fluid Interface - Phase 2 on 4/27/20, which focuses on improving navigation through CFS PeopleSoft.  The newly delivered CFS 9.2 Home Page will include tiles to assist with quick access to the most commonly used CFS locations and a link to Data Warehouse (DWH).

Data Warehouse

The Finance Data Warehouse loads campus data from the CFS system as of the close of business (COB) the night before.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to log into CFS?

Log to the myCalStateLA portal and click on the red 'CFS' button.

How do I get access to CFS Financials?

For access to CFS or for additional access, submit the CFS Access Request

How do I request help with a problem in CFS?

Open a ticket with Administrative Technology to Request Assistance.

Can I access CFS from my home PC or Mac computer?

CFS is available via the Internet in the myCalStateLA portal and does not require special access to connect from home.

Is there a time-out on the system that will automatically log me out?

The timeout for all users is set to 20 minutes.

Is the system available all the time? Even nights and weekends?

In general, the system is available every day.  There are scheduled maintenance windows that could delay access to the system.

What do I do if a page is stuck?

Select the 'Stop' button.  Using the 'Back' button may cause you to lose data.

I timed out - can I get my data back?

No - any unsaved transactions will be lost.

When I click on Process Monitor to print my requisition, I get an error that I am not authorized, what happened?

You no longer use Process Monitor to print but will use Report Manager instead.  Please check the Online Requisition instructional guides above for more information.

I'm getting an "Access Prohibited" error connecting to Data Warehouse, what do I do?

Data Warehouse Access Prohibited


If you get this error when trying to access Data Warehouse, go to the CSYOU Data Warehouse page.  On the right side, click on the "Reset Login CFS Data Warehouse button".  Close the new tab that is opened and login in again.