Web Accessibility Reports

Cal State LA websites are scanned on a regular basis for web accessibility compliance using an automated assessment tool called Compliance Sheriff. Websites are tested against the CSU ATI Accessibility Checkpoints which cover both Section 508 Standards and WCAG 2.0 Guidelines. To view a web accessibility report for your department, you will need to log in to Compliance Sheriff. If you do not have a Compliance Sheriff account, please contact your ITC.

Using Compliance Sheriff

Below is a quick guide on how to view reports in Compliance Sheriff. If you need additional support, have trouble viewing a report, or need help with remediating an accessibility issue, please email the Web Administrator.

Viewing a Report in Compliance Sheriff

  1. Visit http://atlas.calstatela.edu/ComplianceSheriff/ and log in with the webauthor account that was provided to you.
    Note: Compliance Sheriff is only accessible from on campus.
  2. Select the Reports tab. The Score card table lists all reports currently being generated. If your website is not being scanned, please contact the Web Administrator to have your website added to Compliance Sheriff.
    Reports tab with Score card table that contains existing accessibility reports
  3. Under the CSU ATI Accessibility Requirements column, click on the percentage that corresponds to the report you wish to view to open the Report Summary.
    Note: All colleges and divisions are listed in the left hand column. If you wish to view a report for a specific department, you can expand a college or division to view the departments within it. If your department is not listed, then the department's scan results are included in the college or division report. If needed, you can contact the Web Administrator to get a report on just your department.
  4. Report Summaries are broken down into sections of data. It is recommended you start with the Top 10 Issues section. Clicking on a Result will bring up the Show Instances feature which will allow you to view checkpoint violations on individual webpages.
    Sample report summary

Using the Show Instances feature in Compliance Sheriff

  • The Show Instances feature will render a copy of a webpage and mark the page with red boxes to indicate areas that did not pass an accessibility checkpoint. Again, the page you see is a copy, to fix the checkpoint violations, you must visit and edit the actual webpage to make the necessary corrections.
    Show Instance Feature: Rendered View
  • To navigate through each failed checkpoint, click the Next Result arrow Next Result or the Previous Result arrow Previous Result on the left side of the Show Instances banner.
    Note: The two numbers between the arrows represent the current checkpoint number and the total number of checkpoints.
  • A checkpoint may have multiple occurances of failure on an individual webpage. To navigate through each occurance, click the Next Occurrence arrow Next Occurrence Button or the Previous Occurrence arrow Previous Occurrence Button on the right side of the Show Instances banner.
    Note: The Occurrences box Occurrences Box displays the total number of occurences for the failed checkpoint. The Occurences box can also be used to navigate between occurrences.
  • Some violations are not visible in a page's rendered view. To see where a violation occurs in the source code, click the Code source button Code Source Button on the right side of the Show Instances banner. The source code of the webpage appears and each violation is highlighted in red.
    Show Instance Feature: Code View
  • To see the rendered page again, click the Rendered view button Rendered View Button on the right side of the banner.
    Note: For certain checkpoints, the Show Instances feature includes a How to fix button How To Fix Button​ on the right side of the banner. Clicking the button opens a new browser window with the full W3C description of the checkpoint.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email the Web Administrator.