Super Senior Information - Updated January 2016

In the interest of facilitating registration and graduation as we prepare for semesters, please note the following changes to the Super Senior policy:

  • All Super Senior holds have been removed. 
  • Super Seniors are no longer required to meet with a Super Senior advisor prior to registering. Super Senior advisors remain available to help students identify the classes they need to graduate.
  • Super Seniors will register on their own. Your registration date and time can be viewed on GET. 
  • All students are expected to graduate within the required number of units, regardless of the number of majors or minors. It is possible that a student will complete one major and be required to graduate before they are able to  complete the second major or complete a minor. 
  • Super Seniors are expected to complete their remaining requirements in one year or less and to register for courses required by their Academic Plan.
  • Super Seniors are, however, still expected to make progress towards graduation as outlined in the Super Senior policy: 

Super Seniors who are not making progress towards completing remaining requirements as described above will have an administrative hold placed on them and may be put on administrative-academic probation and required to meet with their college associate dean.