Mission Statement

The UAAC’s mission is to facilitate the development of our Explore Golden Eagles’ (Undeclared students’) self-exploration, career exploration, self-efficacy and foster a strong sense of belonging that supports major exploration and helps students answer, “What is my passion?”


  1. Belonging
  2. Self-Efficacy
  3. Self-Exploration
  4. Career Exploration
  5. Major Exploration

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

  1. Articulate the importance of personal investment needed to move confidently in one’s academic, personal and professional goals.
  2. Understand multiple perspectives (experiences and values) while examining behaviors and choices that support such perspectives.
  3. Identify the interactive relationship between self, career and major satisfaction.
  4. Learn and refine self-advocacy, self-awareness and decision-making skills.
  5. Work with individuals as a team that fosters a sense of belonging and community on campus.


The Explore Golden Eagles workshops came out of the need to create more intentional programming, specifically tailored for the Undeclared students the University Academic Advisement Center serves. Research shows students who engage in self and career exploration, and feel a strong sense of belonging on their campuses, tend to be more satisfied in the majors they choose (Brown & Rivas, 1994; Bullock-Yowell, McConnell & Schedin, 2014; Clark & Kalionzes, 2008; Gasman, Baez & Turner, 2008; George-Jackson, 2012; Soria & Stebleton, 2013; Vincent, Henry & Anderson, 2012). This also reduces the chances of students changing their majors, and thus the risk of taking unneeded courses, saving them time to graduation.

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