Center for Cross-Cultural Research | Current Lab Members

Dr. Kohatsu with current studentsright: Dr. Kohatsu (Lab Director) with several of his lab students.


Undergraduate Students

Marlene Gonzales
I am a fourth year undergraduate student at Cal State University, Los Angeles. My major is psychology with an emphasis in multicultural issues and children. I have been participating in Dr. Kohatsu's Cross-Cultural Research Lab for around three months now. My plans for the future include going to graduate school in Clinical Psychology and continuing to do cross-cultural research.

Aaliyah Muhammad
I am a recent graduate from CSU LA with a bachelor's in Psychology. Working with the CCRT Lab has been so refreshing. Dr. Kohatsu makes sure his team members are well rounded individuals and instills not only great research skills, but interpersonal ones as well. I love this lab!


Graduate Students

B. Monique Ervin
I am a second year Masters student with research interests involving the burgeoning multiracial community as well as the shared experiences of People of Color. I have been a member of the Cross Cultural Research Team over the past year and a half and enjoy the collectivistic nature of the lab. Collectivism is an important attribute modeled and emphasized by our mentor. The rigorous expectations for the quality of work produced in the lab have proven to be instrumental in the development of strong personal as well as academic skills rooted in the scientist-practitioner model.

Charmaine Gray
I am a second year M.A. psychology student. I have been an active participant in Dr. Kohatsu's lab for approximately 1 ½ years. The primary focus of the research in this lab has been on cross-cultural issues with a specific interest in Asian Americans and Latinos. My primary research interests focuses is the effects of racism on all People of Color as well as the lack of mental health facilities utilized by POC.

Shizue Mizukami
Shizue is an international student from Japan. She received her first B.A. in Child Education in Japan and her second B.A. in psychology from California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA). She is currently working on her M.A. in psychology at CSULA. She spends her free time with playing/watching sports, reading, and hanging out with her friends. Her research interests are Asians/Asian Americans stereotypes.

Mijin Park
I am an international student from Korea. I am currently in the 2nd year of the MA program in psychology at CSLA. My research interests include acculturation, social class, and racial identity issues, especially among Asian Americans.

Patricia Singim
I am a second year graduate student in Psychology. My thesis project focuses on multiracial individuals and their identity integration. My goal is to enter a PhD program once I finish my time here at Cal State LA. I have been in the lab since Fall 2009 and was given the opportunity to be one of the students to represent the lab at the 2010 APA Division 45 Conference at the University of Michigan with Dr. Kohatsu. I look forward to another year in the lab and finishing my MA.

Shannen Vong
Shannen received both her B.A. and M.A.degrees in Psychology from Cal State LA. For her master's thesis, she examined the role of racial identity and perceived discrimination on coping among Asian Americans. Shannen has worked at Dr. Kohatsu's research lab for the last five years. She is currently working at an agency that serves children with special needs. Shannen looks forward to continuing her work in the field of counseling psychology. She will be applying to doctoral programs next year.

"Knowing that we don't know is humility; thinking that we know what we don't know, is sickness" -Lao-Tzu.