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Human Psychophysiology Laboratory

Welcome to the Human Psychophysiology Laboratory web page.  I am Dr. Joel Ellwanger, the lab founder and director.  Research pursued in my lab examines the interrelationships between  psychological and physiological aspects of behavior. The physiological measures used in the lab include electroencephalogram (EEG) and event-related potential (ERP) measures of brain activity, pupil size (pupillometry), skin conductance, and startle eyeblink reflex modification.  The focus of my research program includes: 1) studies characterizing information processing deficits and biases in special populations (trauma survivors, schizophrenia patients, chronic pain patients) and examining what role information processing deficits and biases play in psychological disorders, 2) studies examining the use of psychophysiological measures in assessing eyewitness recognition, deception, and simulation of cognitive deficit, and 3) studies of emotion and emotional aspects of social evaluation.

Student trainees in the Human Psychophysiology Laboratory are recruited based on their interest in pursuing graduate studies and research careers in  psychology.  Student assistants receive training in psychophysiological data collection and analysis methods.  Students actively contribute to all aspects of  research projects conducted in the laboratory and participate in the presentation of research findings at  professional conferences. Students also receive mentoring in the process of applying to graduate school.  Students in the lab are encouraged to consider applying to programs at CSULA that provide financial support for research training of  undergraduate and graduate students such as the Minority Opportunities in Research (MORE) programs.