Theodore Bell
PhD., University of California, Los Angeles, 1986
Office: KH-C3058
Telephone: (323)343-5060
Specialization: Teaches cognition, language, sensation and perception; quantitative methods.

Fary Cachelin
PhD., Harvard University 1996
Office: KH-D3087
Telephone: (323)343-5005
Specialization: Teaches developmental psychology, behavior disorders in children, experimental psychology, personality psychology and introductory psychology.  Research interests in clinical psychology with particular emphasis on eating disorders and developmental psychopathology.

Jessica Dennis

PhD., University of California, Riverside 2003
Office: KH-C3063

Telephone: (323)343-2276
Specialization: Teaching interests include developmental psychology, multicultural psychology, methodology, and statistics

Ramani Durvasula
PhD., UCLA 1997
Office: KH-C3085
Telephone: (323)343-5872


Specialization: Teaching interests include abnormal, clinical and health psychology.  Research interests have focused on neuropsychiatric effects of HIV on men and women among ethnic minority communities and related health behaviors.

Mitchell Eisen
PhD., University of Miami 1993
Office: KH-C3060
Telephone: (323)343-5006
Specialization: Teaching interests include introductory psychology, personality psychology, psychopathology, learning and memory, personality assessment and family therapy. Research focuses on impact of trauma and stress on abused children, memory and suggestibility and coping strategies of maltreated children.

Joel Ellwanger
PhD., Northwestern University 1997
Office: KH-C3089
Telephone: (323)343-2266
Specialization: Teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses in physiological psychology and statistics.  Research interests include cognitive neuroscience, including the study of attention and memory through the use of physiological indices of cognition.

Gaithri Fernando
PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary 1996
Office: KH-C3089
Telephone: (323)343-2260
Specialization:  Teaching interests include abnormal psychology and clinical psychology, personality, and developmental psychopathology, as well as clinical and neuropsychological assessment.  Primary interests are in posttraumatic stress in the context of war and extreme traumas such as torture, bomb blasts, and assassination attempts.

Alicia Izquierdo-Edler
PhD, George Washington University 2003
Office: KH-A3038
Telephone: (323)343-2264

Teaches experimental research methods, physiological psychology, and motivation and emotion. Primary interests are cognitive and behavioral neuroscience and animal models of decision-making and reward-related processes.

Robert Kennison
PhD., Claremont Graduate University 2000
Office: KH-C3105
Telephone: (323)343-2265
Specialization: Teaches cognitive psychology.

Kimberly King
PhD., University of California at Los Angeles 1998
Office: KH-D3076C
Telephone: (323)343-2277
Specialization: Teaches courses in clinical, abnormal psychology, introductory psychology, psychology of prejudice, and other special topics in psychology related to ethnicity, class and gender. Research centers on individual and environmental differences that influence how people perceive and cope with discrimination.

Eric Kohatsu
Office: KH-A3038
Telephone: (323)343-2270
Specialization: Teaches courses in research methods, clinical/counseling, human sexuality, cross-cultural psychology. Asian American psychology and cultural issues in mental health.  Research focuses on racial identity issues, race relations, and the psychosocial effects of racism.

Brigitte Matthies
PhD., McGill University 1993
Office: KH-D3073
Telephone: (323)343-5109
Specialization: Teaches neuropsychology, clinical assessment, psychotherapy, family therapy and behavior management.

Pamela Regan
PhD., University of Minnesota 1994
Office: KH-D3071
Telephone: (323)343-5697
Specialization: Teaches social psychology and univariate and multivariate statistics.  Research focuses on interpersonal attraction, gender, and sexuality.

Heidi Riggio
PhD., Claremont Graduate University


Office: KH-D3083
Telephone: (323)343-5617
Specialization:  Teaches social psychology, statistics and Theories of personality.

Hank Schlinger
PhD, Western Michigan University
Office: KH-A3043
Telephone: (323)343-2257
Specialization: Teaches courses related to the M. S. degree in Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) option, including Single-Case Research Design (PSY417), Psychology of Learning and Behavior (PSY 421), Introduction to Analysis of Behavior (PSY 428), and the graduate Seminar in Learning and Behavior (PSY 500), Seminar in Applied Behavior Analysis (PSY 528), and Seminar Conceptual Issues in Behavior Analysis (PSY 538).

Kaveri Subrahmanyam
PhD, UCLA 1993
Office: KH-C3061
Telephone: (323)343-2279

Teaches courses in introductory psychology, life span development, developmental psychology, cognitive development, adolescent development, and intro statistics. Research focuses on youth and digital media such as the Internet (e.g., MySpace, Facebook), and Spanish-speakers' learning of English

Jean Phinney
Office: KH-C3061
Telephone: (323)343-2261
Specialization: Teaches courses in developmental psychology, multicultural issues, and research methods.  Research focuses on the role of ethnicity in adolescent development, particularly ethnic identity.

 David Weiss
PhD, University of California 1973
Office: KH-C3087
Telephone: (323)343-2271
Specialization: Teaches courses in statistic Methods, analysis of variance, advanced statistical methods in psychology, advanced experiment methods, human  sexually, sensation and perception, and computer techniques for psychology.