Rongxiang Xu College of Health & Human Services Position Announcements

Part-Time Faculty Positions

HHS Part-time/Temporary Lecturers


Child and Family Studies

Assistant Professor of Child and Family Studies-Lifespan Development

Child and Family Studies Part-time/Temporary Lecturers

Child and Family Studies Graduate Assistants


Communication Disorders

Assistant Professor of Audiology, Hearing Science, Balance Science

Assistant Professor of Speech-Language Pathology

Communication Disorders Part-time/Temporary Lecturers

Communication Disorders Teaching Associate

Communication Disorders Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistants, Communication Disorders


Criminal Justice and Criminalistics

Assistant Professor of Criminalistics

Criminal Justice and Criminalistics Part-time/Temporary Lecturers

Criminal Justice and Criminalistics Graduate Assistant

Criminal Justice and Criminalistics Teaching Associates


Kinesiology and Nutritional Science

Assistant Professor of Nutritional Science

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology-Athletic Training

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Nutritional Science

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Kinesiology and/or Exercise Science

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Adapted Physical Education

Graduate Assistant, in Strength and Conditioning

Kinesiology and Nutritional Science Graduate Assistants

Kinesiology and Nutritional Science Teaching Associates



Assistant Professor of Nursing

Professor (with tenure) of Nursing

Associate Professor (with tenure) of Nursing

Nursing Graduate Assistants


Public Health

Assistant Professor, Public Health

Public Health Part-time/Temporary Lecturers

Graduate Assistant, in Public Health


Social Work

Assistant Professor, Law Enforcement Social Work

Assistant Professor of Social Work, Higher Ed. Counseling

Field Education Liaison, California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC)

Social Work Part-time/Temporary Lecturers