College of Natural and Social Sciences Position Announcements

NSS Dean's Office Positions

Dean's Office Part-time/Temporary Lecturers

Graduate Assistant for the NSS Fellow Program

Advisement Center

No positions open at this time.



Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, in Forensic, Biological and Sociocultural Anthropology

Anthropology Graduate Assistants


Biological Sciences

Part-Time/Temporary Lecturers for Biological Sciences

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers for Clinical Genetics Molecular Biology Scientist

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers for Clinical Laboratory Scientist didactic courses in hematology, transfusion services, clinical chemistry, immunology, and medical microbiology

Teaching Associates in Biology and Microbiology laboratory sections

Biological Sciences Graduate Assistants


Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry and Biochemistry Teaching Associates

Chemistry and Biochemistry Part-time/Temporary Lecturers

Graduate Assistants in General Chemistry Labs, Quantitative Analysis Labs, Organic Chemistry Labs, Biochemistry Labs and Instrumental Analysis (CHEM 101-103, 201, 302A/B, 432A/B, & 462)

Chemistry and Biochemistry Graduate Assistants


Geosciences and Environment

Geosciences and Environment Part-time/Temporary Lecturers

Part-Time/Temporary Lecturers, Digital Cartography

Graduate Assistant, Department of Geosciences and Environment

Department of Geosciences and Environment Graduate Assistant

Teaching Associate, Department of Geosciences and Environment



History Part-time/Temporary Lecturers

Graduate Assistants in United States History


Latin American Studies

Latin American Studies Part-time/Temporary Lecturers

Latin American Studies Graduate Assistants



Mathematics Part-time/Temporary Lecturers


Natural Science

Natural Science Part-time/Temporary Lecturers

Natural Science Teaching Associate

Physics and Astronomy

Physics and Astronomy Part-time/Temporary Lecturers

Physics and Astronomy Graduate Assistants

Physics and Astronomy Teaching Associates


Political Science

Political Science, Part-Time Lecturer Position

Graduate Assistants in POLS 150-Government in American Society



Psychology Part-time/Temporary Lecturers

Psychology Temporary Lecturers

Psychology Graduate Assistants

Assistant Professor of Psychology


Sociology Part-time/Temporary Lecturers

Graduate Assistant, in Sociology