College of Arts and Letters Position Announcements


Art Part-time/Temporary Lecturers


Communication Studies

Communication Studies Part-time/Temporary Lecturers

Teaching Associate, Communication Studies

Graduate Assistant, Communication Studies



English Temporary Lecturers

English Graduate Assistant

Graduate Assistant, in Community Engagement

Graduate Assistant for First-Year Writing Program

Teaching Associate, English


Liberal Studies

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Cultures of Science

Part-Time/Temporary Lecturers, WGSS 3150

Part-Time/Temporary Lecturers, Native Feminism and American Indian Studies

Part-Time/Temporary Lecturers, WGSS 2300

Part-Time/TemporaryLecturers, WGSS 3050

Part-Time/Temporary Lecturers, LBS 2340


Modern Languages and Literatures

Full-time Lecturer in Japanese Literature and Culture for the Academic Year 2023-24

MLL Part-time/Temporary Lecturers

Teaching Associate, Spanish


Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Music

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Applied Music

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Applied Music - Pop/Commercial Voice

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Applied Music - Jazz Voice

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Applied Music - Trombone (Orchestral

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Applied Music - Vihuela


Theatre and Dance

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Theatre

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Dance

Teaching Associate, Theatre Studies

Teaching Associate, Acting and Vocal Technique

Theatre and Dance Graduate Assistant





Television, Film, and Media Studies

TVFM Part-time/Temporary Lecturers

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Media Studies

TVFM Graduate Assistants

TVFM Teaching Associate