Informed Consent - Module 4s Sec 5


Module 4 Objectives
Continuing Review
Unanticipated Developments
Adverse Events
Consent Document Revisions


heck your knowledge of the after approval requirements. Click on the correct answer to each question.

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Question 1 of 5

Once a project has been initially reviewed and approved by the IRB, no further review is necessary.

True False

Question 2 of 5

The death of a study subject should be reported to the IRB if it is believed to be unrelated to the study.

True False

Question 3 of 5

Unexpected problems whose nature, severity, or frequency are not described in the information provided to the IRB or to participants are called:

Aadverse events

Bbad luck

Cside effects


Question 4 of 5

Continuing review of a study by the IRB occurs at least:





Question 5 of 5

The terms of a continuing review are outlined when original approval is granted.

True False

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