Simple Wording 3s Sec9

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The following vocabulary substitutions should be considered when authoring the consent document.
acutelasting a short time but often causing a serious problem
aphasianot able to speak or write and not able to understand spoken or written works
audiogramreport of a hearing test
audiologythe study of hearing
audiometertool used to measure hearing
chroniccontinuing for a long time
double-blind trialtest or experiment in which neither investigators nor subjects know which drug the subject is receiving
libidosexual desire
macro-describes something that is large or long
micro-describes something that is small or delicate
monitorcheck on, keep track of, watch carefully
neurosismental and emotional disorder
protocolplan of study
psychologistdoctor who treats disorders of the mind, thoughts, and behavior
psychosissevere mental disorder; craziness
psychosomatichaving a connection between the mind and physical symptoms
randomby chance, like the flip of a coin
retrospectivelooking back over past experience
syndromeset of signs that happen at the same time in the body