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If you agree to be in this study, we will ask you to do the following things. We will ask you to give two 4-mm (about 1/8 inch in diameter) punch biopsies from an area two to three inches above the left or right ear. We will show you the area from where we will take the scalp biopsies before the procedures.

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If you agree to be in this study, we would ask you to allow three teaspoonfuls of blood to be drawn once before transplant, three times a week in the hospital after transplant, and up to three times a week during outpatient care and later hospitalizations. We would ask you to allow this for one year from the time of transplant.

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You will not have to pay anything for the study drugs, or for the study-related clinic visits, physical examinations, or laboratory tests in this study. Medical costs of other treatments outside of this study will be charged to you or your health insurance company. Dispensing fees for the study medications are covered by the study grant and will not be billed to you.