Informed Consent Overview - Module 2m Sec 7


Module 2 Objectives
Selecting Participants
Describing Research
Discussing Participation
Ensuring Readability
Assessing Understanding


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Question 1 of 5

Informed consent means that prospective participants understand and have consented to participate in a research study.

True False

Question 2 of 5

It is not necessary for finder's fees to be reported to the IRB.

True False

Question 3 of 5

A proxy must be used when the participant

Ais elderly.

Ahas diminished sight.

Ais NOT of legal age.

Ais employed by the investigator.

Question 4 of 5

Discussions with prospective participants should take place whenever the investigator can arrange it.

True False

Question 5 of 5

Participants must be informed of possible risks after they have consented to participation in a research project.

True False

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