Informed Consent Overview - Module 1m Sec 7


Module 1 Objectives
The Process
Basic Principles
A Brief History
What Research Must Be Reviewed
IRB Review Criteria


heck your knowledge of the IRB and the types of research that require review. Click on the correct answer to the question.

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Question 1 of 6

IRB stands for:

AInstitutional Review Board

BInternal Review Board

CInternational Review Board

DInstitutional Records Board

Question 2 of 6

IRBs were created to protect human subjects from bearing inappropriate risk during a research study.

True False

Question 3 of 6

If the Cal State L.A. IRB denies an application, the decision may be overruled by the senior administrator of the University.

True False

Question 4 of 6

Only students and faculty at Cal State L.A. are required to submit projects for IRB review.

True False

Question 5 of 6

Research involving "waste" or "extra" human tissue or fluids must be submitted for IRB review.

True False

Question 6 of 6

Which of the following is NOT one of the review criteria used by the IRB:

AParticipant risk

BParticipant privacy

CParticipant income

DParticipant safety

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