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Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Cal State L. A., UAS, Inc. receives and awards subcontracts. Those received by UAS, i.e. subcontracts in which UAS receives funds from another institution or organization, are prepared through ORSP. Those awarded by UAS, i.e. subcontracts in which UAS awards the funds, are prepared at the UAS Contracts & Grants Office. The attached subcontract template pertains only to subcontracts prepared through ORSP, in which UAS receives funds.

(For issues related to subcontracts awarded by UAS, please contact the UAS Contracts and Grants Office at (323) 343-4970.)

Procedure To Receive A Subcontract From An Outside Institution

1. Submit a budget, statement of work and subcontracting institution contact information (e.g. name, address and phone number) to ORSP prior to subcontracting institution submission of proposal or application. 

2. Upon ORSP budget approval, route Approval Form for Externally Funded Contracts and Grants.

3. ORSP (NOT THE PI) is responsible for submitting approved budget and statement of work to the subcontracting institution for inclusion in the proposal or application to the original funding agency.

4. Upon receipt of award, the subcontracting institution awards subcontract to UAS.

To assist in negotiating a subcontract that is equitable to both the subcontracting institution and UAS, the following subcontract template may be provided to the subcontracting institution. (Subcontract Template) It is to be used for subcontracts for federal awards.


If you have questions, contact Ellen Stein or  Victor Arechga in ORSP. ORSP is located on the third floor of the Administration Building, rooms 301 and 302 (Telephone: 323-343-5366).