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Office of Research and Sponsored Programs



    Prior to Proposal Submission

1. As soon as you begin preparing your proposal, contact the ORSP Senior Proposal and Compliance Specialist, Ellen Stein, with the following information/documentation: submission and/or receipt deadline date, copy of RFA or website address where the RFA can be found, and a completed ORSP Service Checklist. (Please indicate on the ORSP Service Checklist if you need writing, proposal development or editing assistance.)

2. Contact the ORSP Budget Analyst, Victor Arechga to make an appointment for budget development and review, or to submit a preliminary budget.

3. At least 11 working days prior to submission, complete an Approval Form for Externally Funded Contracts and Grants with Budget Analyst. Sign, obtain additional required signatures, and return the Form to the Budget Analyst in ORSP at least 8 working days prior to submission deadline.

4. If ORSP is sending the proposal to the sponsor, submit complete proposal to Ellen Stein 4-7 working days prior to submission deadline (to be determined by ORSP).

After the Proposal Has Been Submitted

  1. If you receive a formal notice of award or a letter of rejection, submit a copy to ORSP as soon as possible. Your formal notice of award will prompt ORSP to transfer your file to UAS for account set-up. A letter of rejection will prompt ORSP to return the proposal file to you.

Note: UAS WILL NOT setup an account based on an informal notice of award (e.g. an informal email message, or verbal confirmation of award from a program officer). If you receive an informal notice of award, contact the sponsor and request that a formal notice of award be sent to UAS.


If you have questions, contact Ellen Stein or  Victor Arechga in ORSP. ORSP is located on the third floor of the Administration Building, rooms 301 and 302 (Telephone: 323-343-5366).