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Office of Research and Sponsored Programs



  ORSP provides proposal copying, shipping and submission services to Principal Investigators who present their proposals to ORSP within the timeframe set forth in the ORSP Service Checklist. If a proposal is formally approved by the University but not submitted to the sponsor by ORSP, ORSP will reimburse the Principal Investigator for payment of "next day" shipping fees or postage (including certified, Priority or Express mail) associated with the proposal submission. If additional "rush" charges or fees are applied to the proposal submission, ORSP will reimburse the Principal Investigator at the "next day" rate. ORSP will also reimburse Principal Investigators for one-half (1/2) of the copying fees of any formally University-approved proposal. ORSP does not reimburse Principal Investigators for the use of courier services. Note: The word "proposal" includes contracts, contract bids, cost proposals and grant applications.