Music, Theatre and Dance Q2S

In August, 2016, Cal State L.A. will go through historic change, transitioning from the current Quarter-based system (three 10 week quarters per year) to the Semester-based system (two 15 week semesters per year). The faculty and staff of the entire university have been preparing for this transition since September, 2013, and the faculty of the Department of Music, Theatre and Dance has been working very hard to ensure that the new system will offer the same level of excellence as the quarter system.

Students Entering in Fall 2016

We are expecting a campus-wide increase in the number of Freshmen and transfers for the Fall 2016 quarter. If you are among that group, and plan to major or have been accepted to a mjor in MTD, Welcome! 

Current Students with 90-132 Units

Students who are currently enrolled in a degree program in MTD, who have between 90 and 132 units (including acceptable transfer credits from other institutions), will be receiving notices from the university and the department to meet with advisors. For those of you in this category, you will begin receiving these notices via GET beginning June 10, 2015. You will also be contacted by the MTD department. These notices will be encouraging you to begin the process of compiling an Individual Advisement Plan (IAP). This plan will be a precise roadmap to courses you will need to graduate in a timely manner, through the conversion from quarters to semesters. Contact the department advisors for more information, and keep up to date with this process by checking the MTD Q2S webpage regularly.