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Deborah Holland
Professor of Music in Commercial Music

Deborah Holland

Since the late 1980s, when she co-founded the much-heralded pop trio Animal Logic with ex-Police drummer Stewart Copeland and virtuoso bassist Stanley Clarke, Deborah Holland has become known throughout the world as a singer, songwriter, producer, and film composer. In addition to the two highly-acclaimed albums Deborah recorded with Animal Logic, Holland has released four solo albums. FREUDIAN SLIP garnered critical acclaim and regular radio play, and placed on a number of national recording industry charts. Her second release, THE PANIC IS ON: SONGS FROM THE GREAT DEPRESSION, grew out of a project Deborah completed for her masters thesis at CalStateLA, and was a favorite with folk DJs around the country. Dirty Linen magazine described it as an album "contain[ing] songs of importance beautifully arranged and played." Deborah’s third solo release, THE BOOK OF SURVIVAL (Gadfly Records, 1999), was called "an album that demands repeated listening." (Dirty Linen: Folk & World Music) Roundly well-received for its memorable melodies, witty lyrics, and Holland’s "lovely, thoughtful voice" (Sing Out!), it was played on over one hundred radio stations. Her fourth solo release since her Animal Logic days, BAD GIRL ONCE… (RageOn Records, 2006), has been described by reviewers as "gritty, honest, funny, and heartfelt" and "exquisite." The album is a blend of styles as diverse as folk, rock, blues, jazz, and electronica—all strikingly unified by Deborah’s voice. Roger Deitz of Sing Out! magazine says that BAD GIRL ONCE… "is splendid; chillingly warm and on target as anything I have heard since the first time I listened to Antonio Carlos Jobim and wondered how it is that some musicians can turn life into breathtaking art." In addition, Deborah has produced, written songs for, or has performed on more than a dozen albums by other artists.

Professor Holland has scored eight motion pictures including Circuitry Man, Genuine Risk, December, and Out There and has written, produced, and/or performed original songs in more than two dozen other motion pictures and network television shows including Peter Benchley's The Beast, V.I.P., Highlander II, One False Move, Fright Night II, and Afterburn.

As a featured performer, Deborah has appeared in literally hundreds of venues throughout Europe and North and South America including Radio City Music Hall in New York City, the Elysée-Montmartre in Paris, the Paradiso in Amsterdam, the London Dance House in Cologne, the Palladium in London, Canecão in Rio de Janeiro, and the Universal Amphitheater here in Los Angeles. Deborah has also performed live on several nationally-syndicated radio broadcasts and on two of television's most popular late-night talk shows: The Tonight Show (two separate performances hosted by Jay Leno and Johnny Carson), and Late Night With David Letterman.

Music videos from two of Deborah Holland’s albums have been played in regular rotation on MTV and VH-1. Deborah's songs and records have been listed on, among others, Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart, the Gavin AAA chart, the WAVE Top 10 Singles chart, and the Friday Morning Quarterback chart. In addition, her song Spy In The House Of Love won the Best of Philadelphia Music Award for Best Pop Rock Single of 1990.

Deborah Holland attended the Berklee College of Music and Rutgers University, from which she received a Bachelor of Arts with Highest Honors in Jazz Studies. In 1996, Deborah received the Master of Music from California State University, Los Angeles where she was honored as the Outstanding Graduate Student in Commercial Music. Holland balances her career as a professor and writing, recording and touring with her band The Refugees (