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SMPP Philosophy

By recognizing that above all, our future teachers need a solid grounding in the academic content of their discipline, our Subject Matter Preparation Programs emphasize all aspects of the study of the target language: communication, linguistics, culture, literature, and literacy, and stress the need to master all these aspects before entering the classroom as a language teacher. We believe that content mastery is insufficient; prospective teachers need to be exposed, from an early stage of their academic careers, to the goals and practices of effective language teaching, and they need to become acquainted with the appropriate uses of technology in the discipline, effective teaching methods, and California and national content standards for language learning and teaching.

By also recognizing the need for a diverse teaching force in California, our Subject Matter Preparation Programs focus on the social and linguistic differences that exist among speakers of Japanese through courses that investigate the cultures of the target language and study regional pronunciation and uses of language.  Furthermore, all the courses in our program, through the vibrant dialogue produced in the classrooms of the most ethnically diverse university in the United States, foster the awareness and appreciation of other cultures that is imperative for future California public school teachers to be effective in delivering academic content to all student in California schools.

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