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Volume 1, Winter 1999



    With this inaugural issue of its annual newsletter, the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at Cal State L.A. extends a warm greeting to all those interested in knowing about the accomplishments and activities of our students, alumni, and faculty. The Department, like the University, has undergone numerous changes over the past several decades. It has not changed, however, in the unique spirit of enthusiasm and camaraderie that students and faculty bring to the study of languages and cultures on our campus. In that respect, the Department continues to model not only the diversity of the Cal State L.A. academic community, but the harmony among people of different backgrounds that it seeks to promote. This newsletter has been created in that spirit.
    Alumni from years past will note many new faculty names. Retirements and career opportunities have made room for the addition of colleagues who bring rich experience and talents to our programs. In four short years, we have welcomed Professors Kylie Hsu (Chinese), Catherine Ryu (Japanese), Gretchen Angelo and Christophe Lagier (French), and Ignacio López-Calvo (Spanish).
The face of the curriculum in Modern Languages and Literatures is also changing, as new elementary language programs have been approved in Korean, Thai, Armenian and Vietnamese, and a new B.A. program in Chinese will soon be offered. Also, thanks to the generous volunteer service of Dr. Charles Leyba of the Cal State L.A. Bilingual Center, the Department has been able to offer Latin during the past three years.
    The Department is proud to be the first within the CSU system to have its Subject Matter programs in French, Japanese and Spanish approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, a testimony to the quality of its curriculum and faculty in the context of the preparation of secondary-school teachers. The publication of a literary journal, Revista Literaria Iberoamericana, the continued success of Teatro Universitario en Español, cultural events organized by the Hispanic Honor Society Sigma Delta Pi's local chapter, an annual poetry reading contest in Chinese and speech contest in Japanese, are among many learning opportunities available to students. Computers, linked to the World Wide Web, have been installed in the Language Laboratory.  The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures is proud of what it contributes to the education of Cal State L.A. students; it is especially proud of the accomplishments of those of you whose lives and careers have been enriched by the study of another language and culture.

Joseph Chrzanowski,
Professor of Spanish,
and Chair of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures





The Chinese Studies Center

The Chinese Studies Center sponsored its Seventh Annual Chinese Poetry Recitation Contest on March 9, 1998. Sixty-three contestants from California universities and colleges participated. Cal State L.A. winners were Michelle Chan, Daniel Hernandez, Patsy Rahn and Cynthia Aguilar.

Mrs. Major Tsai donated $500 to the Center for the establishment of a lecture series on "Comparative Chinese and Western Cultures" in 1998.

On February 16, 1998, the Chinese Center sponsored a lecture by Professor Longxi Zhang (UC Riverside) on "The Further One Goes, the less One Knows: Dialectical Reversal in Religion, Philosophy, and Literature." It also co-sponsored the annual September 27 celebration of Confucius' birthday on the Cal State L.A. campus.

Student Highlights

Chunfeng Wu and Steven Tseng are this year's recipients of a Major Tsai Scholarship for Chinese studies.

"Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know men." (Confucius)

1997-98 Faculty Activities

· Dr. Qingyun Wu, Chinese Coordinator, made two presentations on women's literature themes: "Changing Faces: Female Body Confronts Patriarchy in China" and "Same Sex Love Among Chinese Women." The latter formed the Basis of an article, "Taking Off the Veil of Chinese Lesbian Mystery," which was published in the Sing Tao Newspaper, February 24, 1998.

On September 27, 1998, representatives of the local Chinese community awarded a plaque to Professor Wu in recognition of her service and contributions.

· Dr. Kylie Hsu

In addition to seven talks and conference presentations during the past year on applied Chinese linguistics, Dr. Hsu published a book, A Discourse Analysis of Temporal Markers in Mandarin Chinese: The Interaction of Semantics, Syntax, and Pragmatics, New York: Edwin Mellen Press, 1998.

Dr. Hsu received a Cal State L.A. Innovative Instruction Award to create a WebCT Course in Business Chinese.


JAPANESE The Japan Club

During Asian Heritage Week in May 1998, The Japan Club sponsored a Japanese flower arrangement workshop, hands-on lessons in the Art of lkebana (flower arrangement), a Taiko drum performance, and Origami (paper folding) lessons. The Japan Club's web site may be
accessed at: /orgs/japan/

Student Highlights

Thomas Prebe was awarded the 1998 Alumni Certificate of Merit in recognition of his outstanding academic achievement as an undergraduate.

Akike Harumi received a scholarship to attend the California Language Teachers Association Summer Workshop held on the campus of UC Santa Barbara, August 1-7, 1998.

1997-98 Faculty Activities

· Dr. Eri Yasuhara, Associate Dean of the School of Arts and Letters, received a $50,000 grant from the Ford Foundation to organize and present a series of symposia on the topic, "Re-visioning Asian and Asian-American Studies" under the new Ford initiative "Crossing Borders: Revitalizing Area Studies." The Cal State L.A. grant seeks to stimulate a fundamental rethinking of traditional Asian and Asian-American studies, on a new intersectional model.

· Dr. Sachiko Matsunaga,Japanese Coordinator, made eight conference presentations on applied linguistics topics. She also published two articles, "The relationship between spatial ability of native speakers of Japanese and their coding strategy when reading kanji." Computer Assisted Language Learning, 10.4 (1998): 321-338; and "The linguistic nature of kanji reexamined: Do kanji represent only meanings?" The Journal of the Association of Teachers of Japanese, 30.2 (1998): 1-22.

Dr. Matsunaga was the recipient of a Cal State L.A. Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Grant Award during the winter quarter, 1998. She also received a grant from the Japan Foundation to organize the first annual Cal State L.A. Japanese Speech Contest, which was held on April 11, 1998. The next contest will take place on February 20, 1999.


· Catherine Y. Ryu

Professor Ryu joined the Cal State L.A. faculty in September 1998 and will begin teaching during the spring quarter, 1999. A native of Korea, Professor Ryu received the B.A. in Art/Art History from Pomona College, Claremont. She also holds M.A. degrees in Asian Art History and Japanese Language and Literature from the University of Michigan, where she is completing her doctoral studies. The topic of her dissertation is "Configuring Female Authorship in Japanese Cultural History: The Case of Ono no Komachi." Professor Ryu has also studied at Gakushûin University in Tokyo, and at Nanzan University in Nagoya.

"One does not live in a country, one lives in a language. A fatherland is nothing more than that." (E.M.Cioran)




Sigma Delta Pi

    For the sixth time, the Cal State L.A. Chapter of Sigma Delta Pi Hispanic Honor Society (Gamma Psi) was awarded a national Certificate of Honor in recognition of its excellence. Founded in 1947, the Gamma Psi chapter has been under the direction of Dr. Domnita Dumitrescu, its faculty advisor, since 1989.
    On October 2, 1997 the Gamma Psi chapter sponsored a lecture by Professor Jacques De Bruyne. A member of the Spanish Royal Academy, director of the Cátedra Carlos V at the University of Ghent (Belgium), and Director of the Institute of Hispanic Studies at the University of Antwerp (The Netherlands), Professor De Bruyne spoke on word formation in Spanish.
    On March 5, 1998, with approximately 100 persons in attendance, a record number of 28 Cal State L.A. students were initiated into Sigma Delta Pi. Dr. Ignacio López-Calvo, who was initiated as an honorary member, delivered the keynote address on "El pensamiento de Paulo Freire en Un día en la vida, de Manlio Argueta."
    Cristián Horacio Ricci, 1997-98 Chapter President, was awarded the Gabriela Mistral Prize in recognition of his outstanding undergraduate record. The chapter presented certificates of appreciation to Drs. Joseph Chrzanowski and Alfonso González for their support of chapter activities and Cal State L.A. students. The artistic program featured the Ballet Folklórico "Las Estrellas" and an inspiring tango performance by professional dancers Jorge and Mónica Visconti. Special guests included the Consul General of Spain in Los Angeles, the Honorable Herminio Morales, and his wife, as well as the Consul for Cultural Affairs of Mexico.

Chapter officers for 1998-1999 are Edith Rincón, Fidel Nava, and Alicia Gómez-Román.

1998 Sigma Delta Pi Initiation:
(l-r) Ms. Herminio Morales, Hon. Herminio Morales,
Dr. Joseph Chrzanowski, and Dr. Dale Carter.

Teatro Universitario en Español

In 1998, Teatro Universitario en Español presented Fulgor y muerte de Joaquín Murrieta, a play by the Nobel-prize winning Chilean writer Pablo Neruda. Directed by Pedro Ortiz, and with the assistance of Dr. Jeanine Gaucher-Morales, Dr. Alfredo Morales (founders of T.U.E.), Dr. Felipe Díaz, and Mr. Phil Brocato, it was among the most successful of T.U.E.'s 21 productions. On May 16, 1998, Teatro Universitario en Español presenteda Symposium on "Art and History in Fulgor y muerte de Joaquín Murieta." Panelists included: Dr. Linda Elden, Dr. Ignacio López-Calvo, Dr. David Maciel, Pedro J. Ortiz, Dr. René Aravena, Gema Sandoval, Francesca Wilson, and
Phil Brocato.

(Scene from Fulgor y muerte de Joaquín Murrieta)

    Reflecting the growing campus interest in Hispanic drama, beginning this academic year Teatro Universitario en Español will be guided by an Interdepartmental Hispanic Production Committee. Members are: Dr. Roberto Cantú, (English/Chicano Studies), Chair and T.U.E. Director, Dr. René Aravena (Music), Drs. Felipe Díaz and Jeanine Gaucher-Morales (Modern Languages and Literatures) Gema Sandoval (Director, Danza Floricanto) and Phil Brocato (graduate student, Sociology)
    In 1999, Teatro Universitario en Español will produce Bodas de sangre by Federico García Lorca to celebrate the birth of the internationally renowned poet and playwright in 1898. Performances will take place in the campus' State Playhouse on April 8, 9, 10, 16, and 17.

1997-98 Faculty Activities

· Dr. Joseph Chrzanowski continues to serve as president of the California State University Foreign Language Council and is on the Board of Directors of the California Language Teachers Association.  During August, 1998, Professor Chrzanowski served as a visiting professor at the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (Santa María de la Rábida, Spain). His participation in the course "Educación de calidad y desarrollo iberoamericano"included the presentation of a paper, "Retos y respuestas a una educación de calidad." He also made a presentation, "Getting Started Professionally," at the Fourteenth Annual Seminar for Foreign Language Teachers, University of California, Santa Barbara, August 1997. In June 1997, he served as Question Leader for the Advanced Placement Spanish Literature Examination.

· Dr. Felipe Díaz Jimeno served as Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish at the University of California, Irvine during the fall quarter, 1998. During 1997-98, he served as Director of Teatro Universitario en Español and Faculty Advisor for Revista Literaria Iberoamericana. Dr. Díaz also served as a Peer Reviewer for the Fulbright Grant Program.

· Dr. Domnita Dumitrescu
In addition to four conference presentations, Dr. Dumitrescu published four studies on applied linguistics and literature topics, and one book review. She also co-authored and published two studies with Dr. Mario Saltarelli, University of Southern California. Professor Dumitrescu organized and chaired the session: "Rediscovering Benjamin Fondane: A Centennial Celebration" at the 1998 MLA Convention in San Francisco.  In 1997, Dr. Dumitrescu was awarded the "Orden de los Descubridores," the highest distinction of the Hispanic Honor Society Sigma Delta Pi. She was also a recipient of a National Science Foundation Travel Grant ($1,200), from the Linguistic Society of America, to participate in the XVI International Congress of Linguists (Paris, July 1997).

Dr. Dumitrescu holds the following offices in professional organizations:

- Associate Editor, Hispania, the journal of theAmerican Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese
- Member, Executive Committee, Division of Language Theory, Modern Language Association of America.
- Vice-president for the West, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society Sigma Delta Pi.
- Member, Executive Committee, Linguistic Association of the Southwest.

· Dr. Jeanine Gaucher-Morales presented two papers, "De Emilio Carballido a Sabina Berman: la mujer frente al machismo en el teatro," at the Instituto Cultural Mexicano in Paris; and "Le surréalisme et la femme chez Frida Kahlo" at the Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain in Nice, France. She also gave a lecture at the School of the Alliance Française in Paris. Her book, Miguel N. Lira: Teatro completo, co-authored with Dr. Alfredo O. Morales, Emeritus Professor of Spanish, is currently in press.

· Dr. Alfonso González
In June, 1998, Dr. González delivered a lecture "The 'Cinco de mayo' and the Second Mexican Empire" at the Young Presidents Association Inc. in Laredo, Texas. In addition to two studies on contemporary Mexican literature and a book review, Dr. González published two books: Cuaderno de Ejercicios: Español para el hispanohablante, Lanham, MD: UP of America, 1998 (co-authored with M. A. González); and Voces de la posmodernidad: Del Paso, Galindo, Montemayor, Puga, Solares, México: UNAM, 1998.

Dr. González is completing a two-year term as Regional Representative to the General Assembly of the Modern Language Association.

· Dr. Ignacio López-Calvo presented ten papers on Spanish-American poetry, fiction, andtheater. In addition, he published four poems, a book review, an online study on Ariel Dorfman, and three journal articles. His study, "Los curas nuevos en La cruz invertida: la obra de Marcos Aguinis a la luz del pensamiento de la liberación," appeared in the book La gesta literaria de Marcos Aguinis. Ensayos Críticos, Ed., Juana Alcira Arancibia, Costa Rica: Instituto Literario y Cultural Hispánico, 1998.

Professor López-Calvo is co-organizer (with Dr. Enrique Ochoa, Latin American Studies) of the next meeting of the Pacific Coast Council on Latin American Studies, which will be held on the Cal State L.A. campus. He also created and maintains the Modern Languages Resources Web Page: /sites/default/files/faculty/ilopezc/modernlanguages/

· Dr. Grant MacCurdy presented a paper, "Psychotherapy with AIDS Patients in a Hospice Setting," at a State-accredited HIV/AIDS workshop held at the Valley Family Center, San Fernando, October 1998.


By Dr. Hildebrando Villarreal, Associate Chair and Spanish Coordinator.

Last academic year, six Cal State L.A. students participated in the International Studies Program in Spain. Thomas Chastain, Zu-lin Castro, Alina Hernández, and Fidel Nava enrolled at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and John Evenhuis and Celedina Rodríguez at the Universidad de Granada. All agreed that their experience in Spain was exciting and unique. Although Madrid suffered severe weather, it did not chill their enthusiasm for one of the best years of their lives. They enjoyed their classes and they all soaked up as much Spanish culture as possible by attending a number of plays, lectures and other events, as well as by traveling. Thomas, Zu-lin, Alina, and Fidel said that their apartment became a central meeting place for other Cal State University students and that there was never a dull moment. Celedina and John liked the less hurried feel of Granada and were impressed with the friendliness of the Spanish people. Everyone said that, if they had the opportunity, they would return to Spain immediately. Thomas Chastain described his experience in Spain in the following way: "Last fall I had the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to study abroad, in Madrid, Spain, with the help of the Cal State International Program. I am a Spanish major here at Cal State L.A.; however I am not a native speaker of the language. Therefore, I looked forward to this as a chance to immerse myself in a foreign language environment to improve my fluency. At first, I was fairly nervous for I had never traveled outside of the United States. After my first month I felt at home in my new surroundings. Through my studies at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid I increased my knowledge of the language and its literature. I also made new friends and explored the cultural marvels that Spain has to offer. Above and beyond my studies, I learned how life outside the U.S. is both similar and different. I feel a new understanding for this country and the world. The only constructive criticism that I would offer would be to suggest a more individual study experience. I attended a majority of classes with other Americans, while others consisted wholly of Spanish students. I feel that if I had taken only courses in the regular university, I would have learned even more. Now that I have returned and am preparing to graduate in the spring of 1999, I cannot help but look forward to more chances to study abroad. In closing, I would like to express my gratitude to all those who helped make this experience possible: the International Program, my professors at Cal State L.A., the faculty of the Universidad Complutense, and the IP Director in Madrid."

"The accent of one's country dwells in the mind and the heart, as well as on the tongue." (La Rochefoucauld)

Student Highlights

Cristián Horacio Ricci was awarded the 1998 Alumni Certificate of Merit in recognition of his outstanding academic achievement as an undergraduate student.

Francesca Wilson was awarded the 1998 Alumni Certificate of Merit in recognition of her outstanding academic achieve-ment as a graduate student.

Maribel Gutiérrez received a scholarship to attend the California Language Teachers Association Summer Workshop held on the campus of UC Santa Barbara, August 1-7, 1998.

Froylan Cabuto and Juan Orlando Ramos won the first and second place literary prizes, respectively, for their creative work published in El Cid, a literary journal for Sigma Delta Pi members.



On November 28, 1998, Dr. Lagier brought the Anderson String Quartet to his French 100A class. Students from other languages and non-language courses were present to hear the Cal State L.A. artists in residence. The musicians, who worked in France for a year, played the four movements of the only quartet composed by Maurice Ravel. They paused to explain their interpretation of each movement of the composition. With a great sense of humor, they also shared anecdotes about their French stay.

On December 3, 1998, Dr. Christophe Lagier took several members of The French Club to a French performance of Molière's "Les précieuses ridicules" at the Globe Theatre.

After a hiatus of several years, the French M.A. program has attracted several new students, and French faculty are engaged in outreach activities that promise a revitalization of the program.


· Christophe Lagier

Professor Lagier received his M.A. degree in French from San Diego State University, and Ph.D. from Princeton University. His area of specialization is Post-WWII French Theater. Prior to his appointment at Cal State L.A., Dr. Lagier was a Visiting Professor at Oberlin College in Ohio. He has also served as Linguistic Attaché for the French Consulate in Miami, Florida.

Dr. Lagier's book, Le théatre de la parole-spectacle: Jacques Audiberti, René de Obaldia et Jean Tardieu will be published by Summa Inc. in the fall of 1999. The book explores the nature of the word play inherent in the work of these authors within the period between World War II and the 1960's, and offers a reevaluation of their importance to French theater.

"French: an ideal language for delicately translating ambiguous feelings." (E.M.Cioran)



The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures hosted the Sixth International AIZEN Conference and Fourth International Film Festival, October 23-25, 1997. (AIZEN is the Association International for Multidisciplinary Approaches and Comparative Studies related to Émile Zola and his Time, Naturalism, Naturalist Writers and Artists, Naturalism and the Cinema.) More than 55 participants from North and South America, Europe and Asia discussed Emile Zola, Naturalism and the influence of Naturalism in diverse countries. Contributing to AIZEN's goal to develop and expand the study of Cinematic Naturalism, a special Forum dealt with three examples of the New American Naturalist Cinema: Casino, Leaving Las Vegas and Under the Sign of Saturn.

Larry Cohen, independent American filmmaker, was a special guest at the conference. Two of his films were shown as part of the Film Festival: Black Caesar (1973), and Original Gangstas (1996). Also featured in the Film Festival were: La terre (Antoine, 1921), an extremely rare silent adaptation of Zola's novel; Call of the Wild (Wellman, 1935); and Caught (Young, 1996).

Professor Tony Williams, author of Larry Cohen: The Radical Allegories of an Independent Filmmaker (McFarland & Co.) was also present. He and Larry Cohen were honored at a reception for conference participants.


During March 1998, the Department of Modern Languages and the Consulate General of Romania in Los Angeles co-sponsored the visit of Ana Simon, noted Swiss writer, filmmaker, and member of the Société des Gens de Lettres of France. Ms. Simon presented four of her most recent films in the newly-inaugurated Maxwell Theatre: "Epitaphe pour le sculpteur Gh. Anghel;" "Triptyque;" "Les Simons: Père et Fils;" and "La présence."

In the discussion sessions that followed the screenings, several members of the audience commented on the artistry of the films, as well as on their emotional impact. "A part of my life was in these films," said former French professor Françoise Pasques. "I left enriched." The Honorable Iulian Buga, Consul General of Romania, also addressed the audience.

Ana Simon has just finished a film on the Romanian poet Benjamin Fondane, who lived and wrote in France in the first part of this century, and died at Auschwitz. The film will be shown on the Cal State L.A. campus during the spring quarter, 1999.

"A translation is always like the back of embroidery: all the threads are there, of course, but the subtlety of the color and design are missing." (Okakura Kazuko)



The Department celebrated the granting of tenure and the promotion to Associate Professor of Dr. Qingyun Wu (Chinese) and Dr. María Costa (Spanish) at the home of Dr. Gretchen Angelo, September 13, 1998.

The newest addition to the Department's family are Tyler and Evan Iwamoto, twin sons of Tracy and Sam Iwamoto. A baby shower was held at the home of Professor Alfonso González on September 19, 1998.

The Department welcomes María Murillo as Department Secretary in the absence of Tracy Iwamoto. María comes to the Cal State L.A. campus after a lengthy career in hospital administration.

"I think, therefore I am." (Descartes)  "I do not think much, therefore I might not be!" (Christophe Lagier)

Professor Christophe Lagier, clad in becoming rags and trying to pass his French accent as Shakespearean, was spotted playing the third shepherd in Dean Selkin's recent production of The Second Shepherd, a medieval farce based on the nativity story.


By Roger Dorrel, Lab Director

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures' main lab, which is used for independent practice, holds thirty-five Sony 5030 audio units that use standard cassette tapes, 18 Macintosh computers, and eight Panasonic AG-500R video playback units. This lab allows the simultaneous use of 35 audio, 18 computer, and 8 separate video programs.

Besides the multiple copies of taped materials used daily, the Department possesses more than 600 recordings of music and literary works in Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. A video library consisting of nearly 500 titles is also available, as well as a collection of more than 15,000 slides. A growing library of CD and computer programs round out the Language Laboratory's rich resources.

The classroom lab in KH D1055 is used increasingly by language instructors, as well as by the Spanish and Chinese Court Interpreters Program. It is also the site for assessment of new majors and candidates for the Single-Subject Credential in Languages Other Than English.  Each May, this lab is used to administer the Advanced Placement Test in French and Spanish to local high school students. In 1998, the examinations were administered to more than 350 students.  An ad hoc departmental committee is preparing a proposal for a major upgrade of this facility that will include new computers and an independent server linked to the World Wide Web. It will allow students remote 24-hour access to stored materials.



Remembrance of Things Past

by Dr. Dale Carter, Professor of Spanish, Emeritus
(With apologies to Marcel Proust)

Some of you, students and faculty alike, were no doubt surprised (not shocked, not stunned) to see me appear for duty this fall. Thanks to FERPing, I and others like me are able to fade gradually away after a long and satisfying career. For most of us, just to have abruptly walked out of that last class would have been an experience far too wrenching for our aging hearts. At any rate, I'm glad to be back in front of students once again.

When I decided to retire, I was not at all certain how I would cope with ending a career that had lasted nearly 40 years. In fact, it was difficult for me to believe that so much time had passed. Yet after my retirement party, the best one in my memory, by the way, I came to realize that everything has to end, and I have been fortunate enough to be able to postpone my arrival at the end of the road for a little while longer. For that I am profoundly grateful--but I'm glad I "pulled the plug" when I did. Free time while one is still young enough to enjoy it, and freedom from the freeway--which is what ultimately caused my departure, are treasures that slip through our hands all to quickly.

While it is always great to see old friends, I am especially delighted to see all the new faculty who arrived after my departure and proud that all those I was instrumental in hiring have been promoted and have earned their tenure. The strength of this department has always been its faculty, faculty who work long, hard hours for inadequate compensation and for little recognition from the public. I hate to admit it, but I have to agree in part with former Governor Jerry Brown's "psychic income" theory. Not that "psychic income" can take the place of pecuniary rewards, but it certainly does ease the pain to realize that we do make a difference in our students' lives. It is our good luck that so many are willing to continue "toiling in the vineyards"--at least that way, we can have a glass of wine now and then.

With any luck, I expect to be around for a while, and I will look forward each year to my return to campus and to the invigorating experience of renewing old acquaintances and making new ones among the faculty and students alike.

Dr. Dale Carter making his "farewell address"
at the retirement party held in his honor at the
Castaway Restaurant on January 10, 1998.

"A novel is like a window open to an infinite landscape where the written word records memories which cannot be blown by the wind." (Isabel Allende)




· Jorge Marí, M.A. from Cal State L.A., Ph.D. from Cornell University, currently Assistant Professor at North Carolina State University.

· Elvira López-Vilches, M.A. from Cal State L.A., Ph.D. from Cornell University, currently Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

· Lola Proaño-Gómez, M.A. from Cal State L.A., Ph.D. from UC Irvine, currently full-time faculty at Pasadena City College.

· Javier Galván, B.A. from Cal State L.A., M.A. and Ph.D. from USC, currently full-time faculty at Santa Ana City College.

· Rafael Del Valle, M.A. from Cal State L.A., Ph.D. from USC, currently visiting lecturer at USC.


· Eduardo Cabrera, M.A. from Cal State L.A., Ph.D. from UC Irvine.

· Marcelo Willcham, M.A. from Cal State L.A., Ph.D. from Arizona State University.


· Maya Alvarez, B.A. from Cal State L.A., Ph.D candidate at USC

· Deborah Jean Gill, B.A. from Cal State L.A., Ph.D candidate at USC

· Paul Fallon, M.A. from Cal State L.A., Ph.D candidate at the University of Kansas

· Eric Rydman, B.A. from Cal State L.A., Ph.D. candidate at UC Berkeley

· Elizabeth Gárrate, M.A. from Cal State L.A., Ph.D. candidate at UCLA

· Mercedes Limón, M.A. from Cal State L.A., Ph.D. candidate at UCLA

· Marguerite Cattán, M.A. from Cal State L.A., doctoral student at Georgetown University

· Gloria Arjona, B.A. from Cal State L.A., M.A. from USC, doctoral student at USC

· Marcela Piérola, M.A. from Cal State L.A., doctoral student at UC Riverside


· Cristián Horacio Ricci, B.A. from Cal State L.A., began his graduate studies at UC Santa Barbara in Fall 1998.


· Dr. Alejando Morales , M.A. from Cal State L.A., is currently Chair of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at UC Irvine

· Dr. April Dale Koike, M.A. from Cal State L.A., is on the faculty at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

· Dr. María Antonieta Gallegos-Ruiz, M.A. from Cal State L.A., is on the faculty at Cal State San Bernardino.

· Dr. Héctor Calderón, M.A. from Cal State L.A., is on the faculty at UCLA.

· Dr. Renee Cardenas, M.A. from Cal State L.A., is on the faculty at Mount San Antonio College.

· Renata Buscaglia, M.A. from Cal State L.A., is currently Chair of the Foreign Language Department  at East L.A. College.

· Elva Hernández, M.A. from Cal State L.A., graduate studies at SUNY Stony Brook, is currently on the faculty at East L.A. College.

· Othón Olivas, M.A. from Cal State L.A., graduate studies at the University of Kansas, is currently on the faculty of Lincoln High School.

· Diana Muñatones, M.A. from Cal State L.A., is spokesperson for the LAUSD.

"Accent is the soul of a language: it gives feeling and truth to it." (J.J. Rousseau)

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