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Language Lab

Office: King Hall D 1054
Tel: (323) 343-4230
Fax: (323) 343-4234
The Language Laboratory
Location King Hall D1041
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Welcome To The Modern Language Laboratory!

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures has a language laboratory. The lab is located in King Hall D1041. In the Winter Quarter of 2001, this lab underwent a major computer upgrade. All the old Macintoshs were replaced with new Dell Pentium III 733mhz computers. In addition to these computers, the Department also installed a video streaming server, a database server, and an ICM (Information and Communication Manager) teaching console plus sixteen DIVACE Duo student stations. The computer stations are custom designed for the students learning languages. Student stations are programmed with digitized audiotapes corresponding to text/work books in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. CD-ROMs with a variety of exercises are available on the media server and students can access them without checking out the CDs. These computer stations also provide students Internet access for course assignments, course research, and further language development. The lab is also equipped with thirty-five Sony-5030 audio units that use standard cassette tapes and eight Panasonic AG-500R video playback units. Students enrolled in lower-division language classes are required to spend a minimum of one hour per week in this laboratory. They can use the facility to carry out their independent study or watch videotapes as part of their homework assignments.

The Department's inventory of equipment for use or in connection with classes includes a duplicating machine, TV/VCR units, video camera, overhead and slide projectors, portable cd/radio/cassette recorders, and a scantron machine. Ancillary instructional materials include maps, more than 500 audio recordings of literary works, documentaries and music in a wide variety of languages, foreign language films and documentaries, as well as interviews. The language lab also houses more than 15,000 slides and numerous software programs.