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Gretchen Angelo

Associate Professor of French

Office: KH A3031
Phone: (323) 343-4246
FAX: (323) 343-4234
Email:  [email protected]


Dr. Angelo is an Associate Professor of French and serves as French Coordinator and the M.A. Advisor in French. Having obtained her own B.A. from a state university, she is happy and proud to be working with the students of Cal State L.A. Like many of them, she and her siblings were the first generation of her family to graduate from college, and she firmly believes in the importance of a strong state educational system.

She is currently serving as president of the California State University Foreign Language Council.


Ph.D. French, Yale University, 1994
B.A.   French/Spanish, SUNY at Buffalo, New York, 1987


One of the things Dr. Angelo most appreciates about her job is the opportunity to teach a great variety of courses. While her primary love is medieval literature, she enjoys teaching all periods of literature, as well as the History of the French Language, Phonetics, and the first- and second-year language sequences. She also likes to meet students from other departments when she teaches upper-division courses in English, including a course on Images of Women in French Literature and Society and one on Chretien de Troyes' Arthurian romances.

She is developing several courses jointly with French faculty at other CSU campuses, including an online, multimedia French civilization course and our innovative second-year sequence with a rotating theme.

Her next goal is to develop a new first-year book and website that better fits our student population and utilizes the full capacity of our new language lab.


Dr. Angelo's research interests focus on notions of authority and language in late French medieval literature. Her publications and completed work include:

"Author and Authority in the Evangiles des Quenouilles," Fifteenth-Century Studies 26 (2001), 21-41.

"Creating a Masculine Vernacular: The Strategy of Misogyny in Late-Medieval French Texts" (under review).

"A Most Uncourtly Lady: The Testimony of the Belle Dame sans Mercy" (under review).

She is currently working on the corpus of the French Arts of Love.


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