Modern Languages & Literatures

Mission Statement

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures plays a key role in educating students by developing the intellectual, creative, and personal skills necessary to participate in and contribute to the world as productive and enlightened individuals. It strives to achieve these goals by offering educational experiences that address the following areas:

Intellectual Growth

  • Presenting literary concepts needed to appreciate, comprehend and analyze literature
  • Introducing linguistic concepts essential to a comprehension of the function and nature of language in general and of various languages in particular
  • Discussing social and cultural traditions of various countries
  • Identifying facts, terms, concepts, principles and theories that underlie the comprehension of language, literature, and culture

Creative Growth

  • Stimulating the intellectual curiosity of students
  • Studying the literary works of the Chinese, French, Japanese, and Spanish languages
  • Providing a supportive and nurturing environment to learn and perfect linguistic skills in various languages
  • Encouraging the application of language skills to such fields as teaching, international business, local and state governments employment, diplomatic service, translation, advanced graduate studies, and related professions

Personal Growth

  • Providing opportunities to develop constructive attitudes in interpersonal relations and to demonstrate personal growth
  • Creating opportunities to strengthen connections with surrounding communities
  • Providing the guidance needed to strengthen both spoken and written communication skills
  • Offering the possibility of living and studying in other countrie

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