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Le Cercle Français

French Club Of CSLA

Meetings: First and Third Thursday of each month, 3:20-4:20

Modern Language Resource Room, KH D1054A

1996-1997 Officers

President: Veronica Ramirez

Vice-Presidents: Wendi Brown, Gilbert Mora

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gretchen Angelo

Le cercle français is a club designed for those interested in French and Francophone language and culture. Most of the active members are enrolled in French classes, but all students are welcome to our meetings. Discussions and activities are held in both English and French depending on the level of language ability of participating members.

One of our goals is to give students a forum to practice French outside of class, so meetings generally include some conversation in French. In Fall, 1996, we held an additional conversation group on Wednesdays for intermediate and advanced speakers, and this can be rescheduled according to student interest.

Most club activities focus on French and Francophone culture. In 1995 -1996, these included watching the French film Germinal, meeting at a French café, playing French Scrabble*, eating crêpes, and designing our cercle français tee-shirt, as well as general conversation.

In 1996-1997, we have the opportunity to invite several guest speakers, thanks to funding obtained from ASI. In the Fall Quarter, Professor Guy Hollman, a French professor visiting CSULA's English department, spoke on the differences between French and American educational systems.

Activities planned for the Winter quarter include French cheese-tasting and a talk on Nouvelle Calédonie (New Caledonia, a French territory near Australia). We have also planned a lecture on French art for later in the year. New members are always welcome, and suggestions for new activities doubly so! Interested students are invited to attend any of our meetings or contact the faculty advisor, Dr. Gretchen Angelo, at 323.343.4239 or by email at [email protected].