Faculty & Staff

Department of Modern Languages & Literatures

Location: King Hall D 1054

Phone: (323) 343-4230 Fax: (323) 343-4234

Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00am-5:00pm



Emeritus Professor Kylie Hsu

email: khsu2@calstatela.edu

Office: KH A3033

Phone: 323.343.4275


Professor Qingyun Wu

email: qwu@calstatela.edu

Office: KH A3030

Phone: 323.343.4242


Assistant Professor Hsin-fu Chiu

email: hchiu7@calstatela.edu

Office: KH A3039

Phone: 323.343.4245



Professor Gretchen Angelo

email: gangelo2@calstatela.edu

Office: KH A3033

Phone: 323.343.4246



Associate Professor Namhee Lee

email: nlee8@calstatela.edu

Office: KH A3032

Phone: 323.343.4244



Professor Chisato Koike

email: ckoike@calstatela.edu

Office: KH A3054

Phone: 323.343.4237


Professor, Department Chair, Sachiko Matsunaga 

email: smatsun@calstatela.edu

Office: KH D1054 (Department Chair's office)

Phone: 323.343.4230


Professor Toshiko Yokota

email: tyokota@calstatela.edu

Office: KH A3029

Phone: 323.343.4277



Professor Gastón A. Alzate

email: galzate@calstatela.edu

Office: KH A3031

Phone: 323.343.2267


Professor Pablo Baler 

email: pbaler@calstatela.edu

Office: KH A3039

Phone: 323.343.4243


Emeritus Professor Domnita Dumitrescu

email: ddumitr@calstatela.edu

Office: KH D3086

Phone: 323.343.4235


Professor, Graduate Advisor, Paola Marin

email: pmarin@calstatela.edu

Office: KH A3031

Phone: 323.343.4239


Professor Elena Ruzickova Retzer

email: eretzer@calstatela.edu

Office: KH D3086

Phone: 323.343.4247


Professor Alejandro Solomianski

email: asolomi@calstatela.edu

Office: KH A3032

Phone: 323.343.4241



Administrative Support Coordinator, Tracy Gamble

email: tgamble@calstatela.edu

Office: KH D 1054

Phone: 323.343.4230


Advisement for Spanish M.A. Program

1st week: walk-in basis; first come, first serve

2nd-15th week: by appointments only

Please schedule your appointment in KH D1054 to meet with the advisers.

Dr. Paola Marin                  pmarin@calstatela.edu        KH D1054     (323) 343-4230

Dr. Sachiko Matsunaga     smatsun@calstatela.edu     KH D 1054    (323) 343-4230


Language Lab Director

Dr. Chisato Koike     ckoike@calstatela.edu     KH A3054     (323) 343-4237


Language Program Coordinators

Chinese    Dr. Hsin-fu Chiu           hchiu7@calstatela.edu       KH A3039     (323) 343-4245

French      Dr. Gretchen Angelo   gangelo2@calstatela.edu   KH A3033     (323) 343-4246

Japanese  Dr. Chisato Koike      ckoike@calstatela.edu        KH A3054     (323) 343-4237

Korean      Dr. Namhee Lee          nlee8@calstatela.edu         KH A3032     (323) 343-4244

Spanish     Dr. Elena Retzer         eretzer@calstatela.edu       KH A 3039    (323) 343-4245