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Mathematics Credential Program

So you want to be a math teacher? Then you will have to get a Teaching Credential which consists of:

  • Subject matter (Mathematics) Certification
  • Teaching (Credential) Course-work and Student Teaching

There are several pathways and we offer different programs depending on your goals and your background/degree status.

If you want to be a High school (Single Subject) Teacher in Mathematics and do NOT yet have a bachelors degree, then you would choose to pursue a

  • BA or BS in Mathematics with either the Single Subject Teaching option (which gives you the subject matter certification, but not the credential courses and student teaching)
  • OR
  • BA in Mathematics with Single Subject Teaching Blended Option (which gives you the complete Teaching Credential

If you already have a bachelors degree in a different discipline, then you can obtain subject matter certification in Mathematics by either

If you complete the course work, you may receive credit for mathematics courses taken as part of your bachelors degree or other advanced degree. Students who want to receive credit for coursework taken in their home country in an advanced degree need to provide a certified translation of their transcript for evaluation by the credential advisor.

If you already have a Single or Multiple Subject Teaching Credential in another discipline and want to teach mathematics through 9th grade, then you need to obtain the Subject matter Authorization in Introductory Mathematics. This can be achieved through either coursework, or by passing the two CSET exams for Foundation level math. To obtain the subject matter authorization via course work, the following list of courses will satisfy the CCT requirements.

Please note that this is just one way to meet the requirements. You should see the Credential advisor before starting to take courses to evaluate any mathematics courses you may have already taken as to whether they apply to the requirements.

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