Tools for Course Development

Tools, Templates and Training for Web-based courses (T3)

The T3 Institute at San Diego State is designed to provide some "best practices" for online teaching and learning, along with some tools and templates to implement those strategies. It is an on-line workshop that can be taken at leisure. It contains some templates that can be downloaded to your computer for use in developing instructional materials for the web.

On-line Internet Navigation Course.

This course is sponsored by the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library and the Utah Academic Library Consortium (UALC.) This course uses current Internet technologies to teach students to navigate effectively and access essential information resources. It can be used as a model of how to organize instruction in modules for independent learning.

Faculty Instructional Technology Support Center (FITSC)

There are many valuable tools on our campus instructional technology support center web site. Click on the site Index at the top of the homepage to see a full selection of all the Center has to offer.

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