Resources for Course Development

The following sites may be of use in planning how to incorporate information compentence into courses. These are not the only resources found on the web, but hopefully they are useful in getting started. If you have some you suggest adding to this list, let us know.

Model Information Literacy Guidelines

Not only are these guidelines useful in clarifying information literacy, they are written using the language of student outcomes. They can serve as a useful model in developing student outcomes for information competence or any other learning. This site is a resource of the Colorado State Department of Education.

Seven Steps to Effective Library Research

This Cornell University hypertext guide is an "easy-to-follow" tutorial that may be useful in directing students' research practices. The section on "How to Evaluate What You Find" may be particularly useful.

Learning Styles

An overview of Gardner's learning styles may be a useful resource in planning courses for traditional classroom delivery and for distance learning. This WestEd site includes topics such as distance learning, mediated learning, computer conferencing and Blooms Taxonomy.

CSLA Center for Effective Teaching

There are many resources on teaching at the Center for Effective Teaching site. Click on the CONTENTS button at the top to select.

Other Resources

Cal Poly, SLO's site includes a list of additional resources on the web that you may wish to check out.

PLEASE HELP US KEEP THIS SITE CURRENT. To be effective, this site, as well as sites it refers to, must be updated frequently. We hope you, the users, will help us in this task. If you feel something here has not helped you, or that you have found a site elsewhere that covers the instructional material better, please let us know.

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