Web Courses at CSLA

Faculty on our campus are using the web to teach full courses, portions of courses or to make relevant resources available for their students. Among the faculty web sites that include links to useful resources related to specific courses are the following:

Tim Lim, Political Science

Click on the Political Resources on the Web button and the Research button to see a rich variety of resources for students enrolled in Tim's course.

Steve Pollard, Economics

Among the resources available for students are links to important web sites, databases and Excel spreadsheets. This course also makes use of the T3 templates that are available to you in the Course Tools section.

Elizabeth Viau, Instructional Technology

This World Builders Course involves students in constructing "worlds" by applying scientific theories across disciplines. The resources include mini tutorials on specific scientific ideas, and links to other relevant web sites.

Barbara Case, Librarian

This web page was developed to support a course in Anthropology. It includes links to relevant research resources for students enrolled in the class. It is a good model for developing dynamic support materials for courses.

Dorothy L. Keane, Mathematics Education

This web page includes links to a variety of resources for students to use in researching the teaching and learning of mathematics in K-12 schools.

See a full range of CSLA courses on the Faculty Instructional Technology Support Center (FITSC) site.

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